Players: Adewale Okoye



Name: Adewale Okoye
Alias(es): Ade, Ada, AO
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Leechfinger
Court: Spring
Motley: TBD
Needle/Thread: Protector/Friendship
Public Effects: Giant 3, Hob Kin 1, Mantle 3 (Spring)
Profession: Club Owner
Age: 36
Player: JameSaulot
Actor: Nosferatu Zodd



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Adewale can best be described as a brickshithouse wearing a fanged grin. Ashen-grey skin


The aroma of life. The coppery scent


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Knight of Cups (Changeling):

The Terrible doesn’t fight for just any cause, but he will lay it all on the line for anyone in the Freehold.

Ten of Swords, Reversed (Everyone):

Former addict and alcoholic going on for one year sober.

Nine of Pentacles (Changeling):

Ade used to belong to the Summer Court until a year ago.

Knight of Wands (Everyone):

He gets hurt. A lot. If not for the occasional fight with whoever wants a challenge ironside or his self-enforced duties in the Hedge he ends up suffering a fair bit.

Four of Swords, Reversed (Everyone):

Ade wronged a lot of people before he came to Miami. Debts left unpaid, lives ruined, and lives taken. Did he do wrong by you, or perhaps someone you know?


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

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