Players: Adam Truman



Name: Adam Truman
Alias(es): The Swan Knight
Motley: None
Virtue/Vice: Loyal/Competitive
Public Effects: Fame 1: The Swan Knight
Profession: Job?
Age: 25
Player: YoGrendel
Actor: Cody Kearsley


Adam could be the boy next door: handsome enough, brown hair and eyes, a broad frame with definition beneath his clothes but just enough baby fat scattered about to keep him from looking hard. Except for his eyes. Where they could have been a warm brown at one point, now they’re cold, tired, calculated. As for clothes, it’s almost always t-shirts and jeans, and there aren’t many that don’t have rips, tears, or stains on them.


MarmarFellow PsychoFor a good time call Marmar. You might end up bald, but everything has its price.Ringtone
ElixiaRoommateI got the couch, she’s got the snacks, but I think we both got each others’ backs.Ringtone
AscianFriendProbably the nicest person I’ve ever met. You can’t convince me there’s not something waiting to break out of that.Ringtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


The Swan Knight (Fame 1: Changelings):

You might have heard the stories. They started off hopeful. Some of the details get twisted, but they always begin with a boy that found his way into the Hedge on a mission to save a swan from Arcadia. His girlfriend, his friend, his true love? Those parts are different, but it ends the same way: she’s taken from him, but he doesn’t give up. He carries a shield bearing two swans and goes back again, confident that he’ll save her. But he’s sent away, bleeding and broken. He can’t give up on this story and his role in it. He’s the Swan Knight, he’s destined to save her, he promised. Over the decades he becomes a legend, appearing every few years within some city before finding his way into the Hedge once more, always seeking to fulfill his promise, until the last time when he was left bleeding out, the Thorns drinking deep, and though he heard the Swan’s cries he hung his head in shame and fell.

Hedge Guide (Changelings):

Adam’s spent an extended amount of time in the Hedge and seems to have an intimate knowledge of how the realm works. He’s almost always willing to go back, obsessively so, and is willing to hire himself out as an aid in navigation or a bodyguard.

Dealing with Loss (Anyone):

Adam frequents group therapy sessions sponsored by churches and other local groups that help others deal with loss in their lives: spouses, children, friends, etc. He’s often found stocking up on any offered food along with paying close attention when the actual sessions start. He doesn’t talk in group much, offering the bare minimum to be included, but does sometimes pursue one-on-one conversations with those grieving.


“ Think about your classic knight? With his sword, and shield ,golden hair, stupid freaking horse. Well forget about all of that. That guy won’t protect you. He’s a lie. Now who you want by your side is someone like Adam. A guy so broke that he can’t even afford a fuck to give. The dollar menu Prince Charming. He’s cheap yeah. You can win his favor with a Taco Bell Beefy Bean Burrito family pack and a double dog dare but what you get from him is value and the knowledge that you are dealing with someone with the lack of personal safety and the instability required to get the Job done. 10/10 would recommend!” - MaricelaDeSola

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