Players: Aaron Kingston



Name: Aaron Kingston
Alias(es): None
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Helldiver
Court: Spring
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Daredevil/Friendship
Public Effects: Danger Sense, Greyhound, Mantle (Spring) 2, Striking Looks 1 (Youthful)
Profession: Courier
Age: 22
Player: NPC
Actor: Tom Holland



Aaron is a handsome enough fellow with a cast to his features that will likely get him ID-checked going into certain places well into his 30s, standing at a respectable 5’8” with a runner’s build. He tends to dress casually and in things that can afford to get dirty, but does clean up well when the need arises. Under his left collarbone is a mark that’s more brand than tattoo, the pair of circles reminiscent of a stylized camera’s eye.


The Darkling’s appearance doesn’t look to have changed much under the Mask at first blush, but when he moves the edges of his form begin to fuzz out and lose definition. At a full sprint he is a literal blur of motion, trails of shadow following in his wake.


The sudden rush of a runner’s high, giving those that feel it a bit of pep in their step.


Motor City, Born and Bred (Any):

Aaron is a child of Detroit through and through, shown best through a solid Midwestern accent and a can-do attitude. He still isn’t sure what led him to return to Miami after his time in Arcadia, but he’s making the best of it.

Fresh From The Thorns (Changeling):

Aaron emerged from his Durance under the Queen of Mirrors in October of 2020 and is still firmly in his ‘getting used to everything’ phase, thanks to having a good fifty years of advancements to adjust to.



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