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The strongest and most effective force in guaranteeing the long-term maintenance
of power is not violence in all the forms deployed by the dominant to control the dominated,

but consent in all the forms in which the dominated acquiesce in their own domination.
- Robert Frost -

This Is Our City

Humanity is the vast majority of the population of Miami. One special sub-set of humanity sees itself as the leadership of Miami: the Executive Circle. The Tully family - descendants of the city’s founder - guide the city’s development from behind the scenes, backed up and supported by the other members of the Circle: the Seventh, the Order of Saint Cervantes de Valladolid, the Miami Infoshop, and Niqibat Al-Tijara. Though the groups all have their own goals and motivations, they have come together to protect and improve the city. And of course, if there’s some personal gain to come from their actions, all the better.

The Executive Circle is aware there are threats to its control over the city, both mundane and supernatural. Other humans who compete for influence in the city are easily dealt with. The Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, and Beasts are another matter entirely. The Circle has made contact with some of their factions and brokered a manner of peace.

That said, there are hostile groups who are not interested in peace. While the inhuman residents of Miami deal with their own conflicts, the Executive Circle leads the fight against the other threats that remain. Within Miami, the greatest threat is the Ateneo de la Rucias, a group of Cuban expatriate occultists who refused the Circle’s invitation of membership and since has been involved in various nefarious activities. Even stranger is the other major threat to Miami - the residents of a collapsed civilization existing beneath the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. The name most in the Circle use to refer to these monstrous people is Those Below, but rumor is that they may be the remnants of Atlantis.


At its face, FHC, LLC is an innocuous, decades-old holding company that has its fingers in dozens of other three-letter-acronym corporations based in the Miami area. If one were suspicious enough to investigate these businesses, one would find that FHC, LLC not only dominates the real estate industry, but seems to have an incredibly friendly relationship with city and county governments.

The origins of FHC, LLC is the origin of the city itself. City founder Julia Tuttle, herself a powerful psychic, took a back seat an manipulated early Miami after the initial foundations were laid. The family would eventually start their business interests with the Family Holdings Company, which later became FHC, LLC. It wouldn’t take long, given the family’s psychic gifts and family loyalty, to completely insinuate itself into the power structure of the city their ancestor helped build.

The Tuttles have thrived in this home they’ve built for themselves. The family has spawned its own cadet branches and joined with other powerful families from around the world in order to acquire talent and resources. And they would never risk losing their power base - FHC, LLC’s entire executive leadership is staffed by family loyalists. The vast majority of the Tuttle’s operatives aren’t even aware of the part they’re playing. Whether they’re real estate agents, property developers, or independent lawyers, just about anybody in the city who touches wealth or power does so on the Tuttle’s behalf.

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