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Humans, known by others as “Mortals”, are the most numerous and most powerful force on the face of the Earth. Collectively, humanity has reshaped the planet, made the first steps beyond its birthplace, and invented realities of its own. Even as others - Vampires, Werewolves, and stranger things - live among them, Mortals face grave threats of their own. Most threats are, in fact, their own Mortal kin. The human condition is often brutal and grave, punctuated by moments of beauty and grace, resulting from and creating further conflict. These facts are no different for the Mortals of Miami.


A Chronicle of Darkness

The story of Mortals is a story of the human race in the microcosm of a city infested with supernaturally-aware humans facing dangers within and without. Darkness abounds in this life, from self-destruction, to war, to the casual inhumanity of people toward one another.

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The people of the Mortals venue are so close to normality that it can hurt. Even those without psychic gifts, occult knowledge, or cybernetic enhancements have something that will forever separate them from being a “normal” member of society: knowledge. These people are aware, to one degree or another, of the threats arrayed, if not against them personally, against human society as a whole. This knowledge can be dangerous. Not only can it bring you to the attention of the supernatural powers-that-be, but a single slip in your conversations with others can brand you as a lunatic among those who have not yet been exposed to the truth.


Government officials. Business leaders. Religious figures. All of these people have some level of authority over your life, removing your agency and ability to make choices over your own life. Some people embrace the order this system provides, while others embrace is and pursue the path to power. An even fewer number refuse and reject authority, instead seeking their own individual direction. In any case, the existence of authority inevitably leads to conflict and struggle between those with power and those without, and even between peers who seek to better their own position or worsen others’.

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Character Hooks

Ateneo de la Rucio

This group of wealthy Cuban occultists have made more than their fair share of enemies in Miami. They refused joining the Executive Circle and compete directly with FHC, LLC, The Order, and The Niqibat Al-Tijara for influence. Where does your character stand on their role in Miami? Have they been the target of the Ateneo’s hostilities?

Those Below

The Seventh has been fighting a never-ending battle against a foe deep under the Bermuda Triangle. These creatures, residents of a lost city rumored to be Atlantis, threaten to invade the surface world and end human civilization. Almost every member of the Seventh has been tasked with joining the fight at some point, and other Mortals of Miami have assisted as well. Did you play a role in this ongoing conflict?

Dead To Us

It’s the standing policy of the Executive Circle that its members are mortal and mortal only. Anyone found to no longer be human are immediately expelled, and treated as persona non grata by all Circle members. Efforts taken to “punish” other groups for recruitment efforts have universally failed, and the Circle may have once tried to enforce a “no recruitment” policy, but found itself unable to do so via diplomacy or force. Some few have returned, but they are held to a far higher standard than any normal member and any lapse, any passing hello to their former faction and their second chance is blown. Did you know someone who is now officially dead to the Circle? Do you have some plan to escape its clutches? Do you think you have what it takes to make a life out of your second chance?

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