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Getting Started For assistance in wiki coding, questions about how to create a certain look or all things related to the WanWic wiki, please visit the General Wiki and Forums forum.

Character Wikis Character wikis must follow the template provided. Each venue has a customized template to the characters who will be playing.

Note: It is alright to “spruce up” the template slightly with additional images, for example, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the overall template. Character pages can be creative however they’re primarily a reference for STs and other players.

Items that cannot be changed:

Venue Navigation Bar - This is a tool that identifies your character’s venue, and helps others navigate away from your wiki more easily. The venue navigation bar will be formatted like this:


Template categories - Although you may choose what you fill out or leave a mystery, all categories must be present on your sheet. (Stats, Description, History, Role Play Hooks, Contacts, Quotes). You can give them catchier titles. The Layout - This is what allows people to quickly go to your wiki and know immediately where to check for information they’re after. The Player Name - This must be visible, per COI rules, to avoid confusion or unintentional COI. The field for it is located in the Stats section. Please Note: Wikis which are repeatedly found to be breaking the guidelines above are considered ‘wiki vandalism’. Players who continually break the guidelines listed above may be banned for up to 3 days.

Character Wiki Templates Locate the appropriate Template, then your character’s name in the text field (replacing [Venue] Template) Click “Create Wiki:” Note: For Mages, Werewolves with Deed Names and characters with nicknames, the format on your character sheet is Name -DeedName- LastName or -Shadowname-, but for the wiki, in order to properly link from the chat, do not use hyphens. Instead of “-Shadowname-“ enter “Shadowname” into the template to create a wiki, or instead of “Name -Deedname/nickname- Lastname” enter “Name Deedname/nickname Lastname”. Add Character Wiki to Cast List This happens automatically when your character is sanctioned.

Wiki Quotes Failure to comply with any of the following RULES will be considered Wiki Vandalism and could result in a temporary ban from game for up to 3 days. The purpose of this rule is to identify that quotes do not happen in a bubble because it’s not posted in chat.

Talking the Talk: If you place a quote on another character’s page, it instantly becomes In Character knowledge. That character, or anyone else who is familiar with your character, has heard your character say it, or has heard about your character saying it. They can respond to it In Character. The responsible exception to this is any quote that contains venue specific information would not have been heard by any character outside of that venue. Anyone choosing to use wiki quotes to find out information about a character that they have never met is meta-gaming. Complaints can and will likely be filed against you. What’s Said is Said: If another character leaves a quote on your wiki you CANNOT edit the content of the quote or the name of the character. Exception 1: Spelling or Grammar errors Exception 2: Design/Format corrections (i.e., changing a link’s color, adding a bullet point) Veto Power: If another character leaves a quote on your wiki, and you do not want to have it there, you may remove it. Once a quote is removed, it is no longer able to be responded to In Character. It never happened. IMPORTANT: You cannot respond In Character and THEN remove the offending quote. If a player has removed a quote you have left on their character wiki, YOU MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES re-add the same or similar quote.

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Location Wikis - PC Owned Locations STOP Before you begin working on a Location Wiki, ensure that you are sanctioned to do so. Many locations may require the purchase of a particular merit (i.e., Hollow, Sanctum, etc.), or may need to be part of your character’s background (i.e., a character owned business). If its on your sheet, or you have the OK of your venue storytellers, then proceed.

Creating a Location Wiki Identify in which district the location is. There are 12 districts. These can be identified on The City page at the bottom, and there is a map to help you decide where exactly you want your location to be. Once decided, use the Wiki Template maker located beside the banner of the District’s page. It is not required that your location page use the wiki template, but it’s a good start and helps people quickly identify aspects of the location. Your location wiki should, at the very least, identify what district it is in, who owns it (if this is IC knowledge), and any venue-related restrictions that may be in place. Adding your Character Location to the Official Map From the Request menu, create a new request. Select Group: Admin. Select Type: Map Update In the request, select the Use Template button and pick Map Update template. Fill out all requested information. Feel free to include links to one small picture as well. Submit. You will receive an Approved confirmation when the location has been received, though the map is generally updated only once per week.

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