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Book Policy

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Adult Content Policy

By playing on WantonWicked, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old. Additionally, all characters you play must be at least 18 years of age physically, mentally, and in appearance (character pictures/personification on the chat).


Please respect that some players do play from work. If you have artistic nudes (that do not clearly show genitals or bare breast) try to play them lower on the wiki and put a warning at the top that its NSFW. Never use pornographic photos, which also includes exposed genitals, backsides, or breasts.

Role Play

Sexually-themed characters and storylines are acceptable; however, rape is never an acceptable story element. Yes, this is “chronicles of darkness,” but there are other ways to victimize characters.

You cannot force another player, nor can another player force you, to participate in sexually-suggestive role-play or cybersex. Even if your character is a willing participant in that story development, if you are not comfortable playing it, you can utilize a “Fade to Black” to end the scene.

Scene Participation

As a player, you understand that it is your responsibility to clearly inform your fellow player(s) if you are uncomfortable OOCly with a role-playing situation. (Nobody is telepathic - especially through an internet connection - and it is easy to misinterpret text.) This can include a scene wherein Player A is using a mind-controlling power on Player B, or simply coming on too strong and not taking the more subtle hints IC (or OOC).

If you find yourself in such a situation IC, you may simply post that your character is exhausting his or her will to leave the scene. For mechanical purposes, your character will not lose any willpower, nor need to regain any willpower later. You must submit a request with either the scene log, or the information regarding the scene (day, time, room, and PCs present) to inform the STs/Narrators that you have temporarily exhausted your PC’s will.

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Player vs Player (PVP)

For Wanton Wicked 7.0, the staff have decided to make “player versus player” conflict ultimately opt-in. This means that players need OOC permission to take long-term hostile action against other characters, barring extreme circumstances approved by the Storyteller; this is to prevent people from being targeted by those they don’t have interest in playing with to begin with, and to leave the majority of character consequences in the hands of their players and the Storytelling staff. Ultimately, roleplaying is a cooperative experience, and we do not accept “it’s what my character would do” as a reason to ruin someone else’s story.

This does not mean you need permission to take a single swing at someone and do some bashing damage, influence someone’s mind for a scene, or to roll to intimidate a character, nor does it mean everyone has to get along. Instead, it applies to any escalation into lethal and long-term consequences: lethal damage (or worse), powers lasting days at a time, suppressing or destroying merits or other traits, reducing status, and so on. It also doesn’t apply to competitions towards a goal; if two characters are both trying to earn an in-character position that can only go to one, for instance, they can badmouth each other and undermine their actions in that specific context.

Of course, this is not meant to prevent actions from having consequences. If you feel a character is constantly trying to provoke reaction IC that the player won’t approve OOC, or that there’s a similar extenuating circumstance that implies an abuse of this policy, submit a request to the admins and they’ll review the circumstances with the other staff.

”But it’s Chronicles of Darkness!”

Overall, while this IS Chronicles of Darkness, the game was designed to have most conflict come from the Storyteller, and for any conflict between player characters to be something they all agree on and have fun with, collaboratively. Be sure that you’re trying to make the game fun for each other, not just yourselves, when deciding your characters’ actions!

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Per 2nd Edition rules, your character has Aspirations they would like to complete. These are things which should be actively evolving as your character grows. Completing Aspirations earns you a point of willpower, per our Experience Guide, so these are good things to keep on the forefront of your characters activities.

You should have:

  • 1 Long Term Aspiration: This is an aspiration it will take a long time for your character to achieve, but it should be something that CAN be achieved.
  • 2 Short Term Aspirations: These are relatively simple goals that can be achieved quickly.

An Aspiration must be resolved through role play. That is, you cannot blue book an Aspiration being completed, although they can be completed as part of a request a staff member was involved with. You may want to keep this in mind when choosing Aspirations.

Aspirations can be Out of Character goals for your character as well as the character’s in character goal.

  • Short-Term Aspiration: Have my character meet another supernatural AND discover their true nature. (OOC Goal)
  • Short-Term Aspiration: Find out what my Coterie-mate is keeping secret. (IC Goal)

Aspirations should also be measurable. That is, they should be something you do and it should be clear when they are done. Remember, these are things you want to complete for willpower.

  • Long-Term Aspiration: Steal six things without getting caught. (Good)
  • Long-Term Aspiration: Avoid getting caught and exposed as a thief. (Bad)

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Bubbled Scenes

This rule helps define how to handle scenes that run too long to complete in one session or are interrupted by dastardly real life. This is primarily a means of resolving how to handle Storyteller or Player Run Plot scenes.

Because bubbled scenes are the result of unforeseen interruptions, sometimes a bubbled scene may not make the most sense especially as it pertains to role play that may have occurred leading up to a big event. Your flexibility to ensure that everyone has the same resolution is appreciated!

When a scene is forced to stop before its resolution, and the players and storyteller involved are committed to completing the scene, it becomes “Bubbled”

  • Bubbled Scenes do not occur In Character until the day they are completed.
  • If you begin a scene to fight zombies on Monday which runs too long, and you aren’t able to complete it until Thursday, the entire scene occurs, In Character, on Thursday.
  • Any current role play which requires the resolution of a scene which is currently bubbled should be discussed with the mediating storyteller(s).
  • If you expected a scene to be resolved on Saturday and it ends up bubbled, but you have a scheduled scene with an NPC on Sunday based on what should have occurred Saturday, then you should not make assumptions or declare a resolution on your own. Speak with the storyteller(s) involved to find a resolution.
  • Characters or groups who are in conflict with each other in a bubbled scene are not allowed to interact with each other until the scene is completed.
  • If your crew is fighting over turf with another crew and the scene ends up bubbled, no one involved in the scene should play with each other until the scene is resolved.
  • Characters who are on the same side of the conflict can continue to play with each other.
  • Any IC or OOC attempts to change the natural outcome of a bubbled scene, to obtain an advantage or give a disadvantage, are meta-gaming. You can and likely will be reported for doing so.
  • If an XP spending request is accepted while you are in a bubbled scene, you are expected to play with your original sheet unless you have the approval of the Storyteller running the scene.
  • It is your responsibility to remember your health levels, willpower, and any other limited use abilities.

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Character Limit

Each player may have up to two characters. The characters must be in different venues, however they may both be supers, two half templates, one of each, or a mortal and either a half template or a super. The characters may not be used to benefit each other! This is called a Conflict of Interest.

Character Swapping

Sanctioning and playing a character is not only an investment of your time, but its an investment of your ST’s time and the time of the player characters who have interacted with your character. For this reason, the following has been created in an effort to discourage character swapping.

Note: The following is a general policy that should accommodate most 1-off situations, and shouldn’t effect the majority of players. That said, Storytellers and Admins may make exceptions to this policy, both in favor of a player or to protect a venue or the site from excessive behavior. See warning below.

All character slots receive 1 free swap every 3 months (4 swaps per year per characters slot). Otherwise, if you choose to desanction a character in order to roll a new one (in the same or a different venue), there will be a minimum 1 week waiting period between the previous character’s desanction and the new character’s sanction.

  • Exception 1: There is no waiting period to create and sanction a new character if your character died or is otherwise rendered involuntarily unplayable through story (ST approval).
  • Exception 2: In the event that a brand new venue or (more likely) a minor character type is launched, there is no waiting period to create and sanction a new character once you have been desanctioned from your original venue.
  • Deleting a character to bypass this policy will result in a mandatory 1 week waiting time from the date that the sanction request is submitted. (Don’t do it!)
  • Remember, if you choose to desanction a character, you may not be allowed to re-sanction them again later.
Repeatedly stopping and starting characters, even with the required wait time, may result in additional actions being taken which may include, but are not limited to, an extended waiting time (1 month), or temporary bans from the site so that you have time to get a strong character concept.

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Character Activity/Status

As long as a character has been sanctioned and remains regularly active they will receive automated Experience per the Experience Guide. Regularly active requires that a character login and participate in the chat once every thirty days.

Depending on a character’s sanction and activity, they will have one of the following statuses:

  • Sanctioned (Active): The character is sanctioned to play and has been active in the last 30 days so they are receiving experience.
  • Sanctioned (Idle): The character is sanctioned to play, but has not been active in 30+ days. They are still receiving automated experience.
  • Sanctioned (Inactive): The character is sanctioned to play, but has not been active in 120+ days. The character is no longer displayed on cast lists, and groups must repurchase traits they contributed within 30 days, or they’re lost.
  • New: The character has a partial or completed sheet, but has never been sanctioned.
  • Unsanctioned: The character was previously sanctioned, but has been de-sanctioned by staff.

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Rape and Abuse

The is no rape allowed in storylines or any on screen. Even if the players agree to it OOCly we do not allow that kind of thing on Wanton, as it’s only a matter of time before it would come up somehow to others. We also ask that you not be detailed if something bad happened to the characters in their background history or bluebooks. We do know and understand this is the world of darkness, however, we don’t wish to force staff to read in details traumas which might affect them.

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Children, Pregnancy, et al

Under no circumstances is a child to be hurt or killed, on screen or off screen. This means that hurt/traumatized children are not a good plot device to trigger action in storylines. Certain venues have strong themes based in fairy tales where children specifically are targeted by creepies. So long as the children are not “on screen” and are not actual in mortal danger of being hurt or killed, it’s alright to continue to use these themes. Characters are fully allowed to have families and even children -off screen-. Those children should only be considered background fluff and are not NPCs. Blue books and stories which take place off screen may refer to those children, but the action or plot may not take place with the children present. Characters do not get pregnant. They may want to or plan to, they may talk about it or they may have previously been pregnant to whatever result. But pregnancy does not occur. For further clarification, pregnancy which does not result in a birth is additionally not allowed.

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Conflict of Interest

What is Conflict of Interest?

For the purposes of WantonWicked, Conflict of Interest is defined as a player’s Character (or close Allies of that Character, i.e., packmates, coteriemates, etc.) benefiting from the same player’s second Character (or close Allies of that second Character) or Storyteller/Narrator position in such a way as to provide an advantage to any of the characters involved.

What is benefiting?

Benefiting includes but is not limited to
  • Receiving assistance or information that aids in a plot or character’s goal.
  • Receiving items, property or other possessions directly, or by proxy from your other character.
  • Receiving mechanical aids (power items, buffs, etc.) directly, or by proxy from your other character.
  • Utilizing cross-over information delivered directly, or by proxy from your other character.
  • Your characters (and/or your characters’ allies), obviously, cannot benefit directly from each other. Your character (and/or their allies) cannot meet with your other character (and/or their allies) in order to exchange benefits.
By Proxy
  • Your character also cannot benefit through intermediary PC(s) or NPC(s). Your character cannot share benefits with another non-ally PC and/or NPC, so that your other character can then attempt to request/receive that benefit from the same non-ally PC and/or NPC.
    • This means that, effectively, you can play with who you want, where you want, so long as Conflict of Interest is not occurring.

You also cannot have both your pc’s in the same scene. So if there is something that both your pc’s would attend, you cannot have them both in at the same time. You can however have PC A come in for the first part and PC B for the second part.

Q: I only have one character, so it’s pretty much impossible for me to have COI, right?

That is mostly true. Because you have one character, there is no second character for you to benefit from. However, keep in mind that Conflict of Interest includes character allies. If your one character is allies with another player’s first character, and receives benefits from that player�s second character, that is COI. Additionally, participating as the Proxy (the go between between another player’s characters/character allies) is facilitating cheating, and therefore also cheating.

Q: What if Conflict of Interest does occur? What will happen?

At the very least, the scenario in which the COI occurred will be retconned. Excessive or repeated COI may also result in one of the following (or a more appropriate response decided at the time):

  • Specific restriction preventing two characters and/or players from interacting
  • Player limited to one character.
  • Desanction of characters involved. (extreme/irrevocable COI)
  • Player ban (temporary or permanent). COI is cheating.
  • In order to avoid COI or unintentional COI, all characters must have the Player name clearly displayed in the Character Wiki template.

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  • Tenet 1 — You choose how you want to play.

Crossover play is encouraged because it lets people play a wide variety of characters and get a lot of interesting interactions. Crossover scenes and plots allow the STs to bring in as many people as possible, to maximize the fun players can enjoy for every ounce of an ST’s blood, sweat, and tears.

Although we encourage crossover, we know that not everyone is comfortable with every game. For some, the rules might be unfamiliar. For some, the themes of the game (predation in Vampire, etc.) may be uncomfortable. You have the option to opt out of scenes and storylines that involve games you are not familiar with and themes that you are uncomfortable with.

No one can force anyone to engage you in crossover play that you’re not comfortable with and by the same token, you cannot force anyone to engage. This rule does not override the integrity of a story that has already started, though. You cannot change your mind mid-way through a scene to avoid consequences if you decide you do not like them. You also may not use this to prevent characters from joining scenes in open, public rooms; casual interaction works normally, they simply should avoid any “hard” crossover interactions, like sharing splat knowledge.

  • Tenet 2 — Crossover is allowed by default.

We assume that crossover is allowed by default, suiting the integrity of the story being told. If you want to get involved in a scene but aren’t sure if your character type is allowed to be a part of it, you probably will have the opportunity! There will, however, be some scenes and storylines where only members of a certain venue are able to participate. Don’t be afraid to check with the ST, but please always respect the ST and the story they are working to tell.

  • Tenet 3 — The metaplot for each venue will involve crossover.

Some storylines and the broader storyline or metaplot of each venue will involve crossover by necessity. Werewolf packs, vampiric coteries, sin-eater krewes, and mortal cults may be tied together through magic, and will occupy the same territories as each other. If you don’t wish to involve yourself with crossover, you don’t have to be in a group tied to another type of character’s group, but please respect those groups that do involve those ties — they will be able to participate in most storylines with each other.

  • Tenet 4 — There will always be opportunities for venue-specific storylines.

Although crossover is the default, there are some stories and themes that are unique to each game. Storytellers will run storylines that are only suitable for members of a certain venue from time to time. If you enjoy crossover, please respect the choice of the Storyteller to run a story in their way. If you wish to avoid crossover, use these opportunities to dive deep into the themes of your favorite games.

  • Tenet 5 — Have fun and be good to your fellow players.

Everyone has different preferences and these preferences change from time to time. The Storytellers have a tough job in trying to help people get the most out of the Chronicles of Darkness games. Balancing the difference desires of dozens of different players is hard, but the staff is committed to making it happen to the best of our abilities! Feel free to tell the Storytellers respectfully what you want and hope for, and please understand when they have to do something a little differently than you might have liked. Our goal here is to have fun and if we are good to one another we can make it happen.

These tenets of the Crossover Policy should address most questions about Wanton Wicked’s stance on Crossover during 7.0. This policy also takes into consideration the site’s Code of Conduct: be a respectful and responsible member of our community, and IC actions elicit IC consequences. Further, this policy cannot be used to exclude certain individual players while allowing others with regard to venue-only scenes, plots, and storylines.

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Desanction of Character

To desanction a character from play, submit a Type: Sanction request with the subject line: Desanction: [Character Name]. See Character Swapping above for additional guidelines when desanctioning to play a new character.

Once you have requested to desanction your character, you should no longer play that character. You must also remove yourself from relevant usergroups on the forums (venue forums, splat forums, character team forums (i.e., motley or coven).

  • Click User Control Panel on the Forums
  • On the left hand menu, click Usergroups
  • Select the applicable Usergroup from under the Memberships category, and scroll to the bottom
  • From the Select: drop-down choose the “Resign Selected” option and click Submit
  • Repeat for all applicable groups.

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  • Mundane
    • Mundane equipment is kept track of on the sheets and via requests. Said equipment can be freely traded between characters, though a request mentioning that trade/gifting should be submitted so it can be added and removed from the appropriate sheets.
  • Magical
    • Permanent magical equipment costs merit dots equal to its rating, but this cost does not need to be paid until it’s meant to be made available for use. That is, someone can create a magic item for someone else without paying for it themself, or even “stockpile” items they’ve created to trade away to others. Only the end user ever pays the cost.
    • Temporary magical equipment does not cost XP, but any costs involved in making it are paid normally.
    • Any XP normally spent as part of the creation process, directly or indirectly (XP for Willpower dots lost, for instance), is included in the cost of the item merit itself, if high enough. In the case of stored items, the XP already spent is subject to Sanctity once in use.
  • Trading away or otherwise losing magical equipment is subject to Sanctity of Merits as normal. When given to another PC, the item is removed from the first PC’s sheet and the merit rating is refunded, and then must be purchased by the second PC as normal (subject to the above rule).

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Former Staff Character Creation

Staff members are expected to have concluded any storylines they were directly involved in running prior to leaving the staff position. In cases where this did not or could not occur, a temporary venue ban will be issued if the storyline(s) are considered active. This prevents staff members from interacting with their own plot elements as a player.

A one month temporary venue ban is automatically given when a staff member is terminated. If a staff member steps down without resolving their ongoing plots, they may or may not receive a temporary venue ban that will not exceed one month. The decision will be made with the admin team and the remaining STs in the affected venue. If a staff member steps down after resolving all of their ongoing plots, they may join their venue as a player immediately.

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Permanent Room Submissions

When a submission is made to have a location added as a permanent room, staff will consider the number of similar locations, the number of venue locations, the total number of rooms currently in use and if the room fits with the setting.

What the submitting player needs to be aware of is that if a location is turned into a permanent room then it comes completely under staff/NPC control, and they will be giving up any control over what is done with or to the location as well as any authority to trespass or ban other characters from the location. If they want to suggest any IC changes or improvements to the location, this would need to be coordinated via the STM team.

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Player Characters in Positions of Power

Allowing your character to accept a Position of Power includes with it a certain amount of Out of Character responsibility. There is an expectation of availability and activity from both the Staff and other players who will need to interact with your character.

The position may require completion of routine activities which you are agreeing to complete. You will be notified of these activities OOCly and/or ICly before accepting the position.

OOC > IC, to a point

Everyone has events beyond their control from studying for finals, working overtime to major events or emergencies. WantonWicked is not a job, and there is the expectation that for all of our players real life comes first. If your character holds a position of power and you learn you will be absent or minimally available for a period of time, if at all possible we ask that you make an announcement as soon as you are able in the Out of Character forum. IC Excuses will be made.

That said, if you disappear from the game for more than one month with no notification to the site or staff (be it for real life events or just a general disinterest in role playing) and your character’s absence is a detriment to the game, they will be replaced with an NPC proxy for an interim of up to 2 months. If you are unwilling or unable to return to your character within 2 months, the position will be made available for another PC to step up.

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Player Run Plots

Player Run Plots (PRP) are storylines developed by and run by players for other players. PRPs are a part of the canon of the game, and can be used by participants to justify experience expenditures, obtain items or powers, or to facilitate a shift in a character’s story.

The host of the PRP is referred to as the PRP-ST. The PRP-ST receives 2 staff-awarded beats for running a PRP, and participants receive 1 staff-awarded beat.

A PRP-ST can submit and run a story for:

  • Any faction in which they don’t play.
  • A faction in which they do play, but for characters they are not related to.
  • A group in which the PRP-ST has a character (i.e., pack, motley, etc.) A PRP-ST’s character may participate as an informative NPC in any of these scenarios, however cannot participate as an acting PC in the PRP. In other words, the PRP is being run for the Participants’ PCs not the PRP-ST’s PC.
  • These are guidelines for how to pitch, run and resolve a PRP.

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Resurrection of Old Characters

In brief, you may not resurrect characters you have, or anyone else has, played on the current iteration of WantonWicked, or that you or anyone else currently play other sites. This means, you cannot play a character who shares the same history as a previous character up to and including what activities they may have participated in during the course of this (or another site’s) game.

  • You CAN create a new character that is inspired by, or even a carbon copy of, a previous character you played on former iterations of WantonWicked or other sites (so long as the character is not active there).
  • You CAN play a new character related to a previous character you played in 7.0 who has died. Your new character CANNOT automatically assume all assets of the previous character.
  • You CANNOT create a new character with the same name as a previous character you have, or anyone else has, played on WantonWicked 5.0 - 7.0. (This is a database issue.)
  • You CANNOT remake a copy of a character you have, or someone else has, played on WantonWicked 7.0, or that is currently played on another site.
  • If it is discovered after your character is sanctioned that you have played the same character previously on WantonWicked 7.0, or that you are, or someone else is, playing the same character on another site, and there are not enough significant differences to distinguish the two characters as separate, your character will be permanently desanctioned, and you may be subject to the PPS. This may seem harsh or excessive, but there really isn’t an excuse for knowingly breaking site policy.

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Rolled Too Many Dice (Over-Roll Rule)

If you have rolled too many dice for your dice pool, do not re-roll with the correct dice pool. Instead, remove results from right to left until you have results equal to the correct dice pool. Remember, any additional results caused by a #-again rule (i.e., 10-again) are considered one result and combined with the original roll.

Changeling rolled his Strength+Brawl dice pool (10 dice), but forgot that he is currently affected by a −2 modifier. He should have rolled 8 dice.

His Roll Results: (4 successes): 2, 3, 3, 8, 6, 6, 7, 9, 8, 10, 6

Since he over rolled by 2, he needs to remove 2 dice results from his results. Remember, because the final dice result 6 was rolled because of the 10, the 10 and the 6 are counted as 1 result:

2, 3, 3, 8, 6, 6, 7, 9, (8), (10, 6)

Actual successes: 2

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Template Changing

Mortal+ and certain Half-Template characters are capable of undergoing a transformation into supernatural characters at Storymaster discretion.

  • No character that has been in a venue for less than 2 months will be allowed to change templates.
    • This is only for becoming “Full” supernatural characters, and doesn’t apply to things like ghouling, becoming wolf-blooded or other shifts to a “micro” or “half” template ICly.
  • Storymasters are fully within their right to prevent a template transformation if they don’t feel it will be conducive to the game.
  • Characters coming into the game with the expectation of changing after creation should discuss this with a Storymaster beforehand.

Template Abilities

In general, most template-specific merits, powers, and abilities are lost when changing from one template to another. Any dots lost are subject to the Sanctity of Merits (even if they’re not merits). The following are exceptions to this rule:

  • Former Wolf-Blooded characters retain ONE tell when changing into anything besides a Werewolf. Any additional Tells purchased are lost with all other Wolf-Blooded merits.
  • In the exceedingly rare circumstance that an Absent becomes a Geist for the sake of becoming a Sin-Eater PC, they’re rebuilt appropriately at the same XP level, not keeping their original traits.
  • If Embraced, Ghouls keep their Discipline dots and gain 1 in-clan dot free.
  • Half-Template Priority
    • Half-template characters cannot have their template replaced with another half-template. That is, a ghoul cannot become wolf-blooded or vice versa, for example. They can still become fully supernatural through normal means.
    • “Micro” template characters like Lost Boys can become “half” templates; you can ghoul a Psychic Vampire, for example, or cause one to become Wolf-Blooded due to Lunacy. They cannot become other Micro templates, nor typically change back.

Character Creation

Being a former Wolf-Blooded, who is now part of a different faction, is allowed, but requires 3 merit dots be spent for the sake of the Tell that was kept; as above, they can only have one. This does not need to be done for characters that change after character creation, subject to the above rules. This also must be discussed with the Storymasters to make sure the concept fits the game.

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Thought-Posting & Scene Etiquette

Thought posts are generally considered to be in poor form OOCly, though there are exceptions; sometimes they form exposition for the ST in an ST-run scene. Sometimes players like to add addenda to explain motivation for their actions. Sometimes - and the reason thought posts have a bad name - they are used to attack other characters without giving an avenue of retort.

If you are using thought posts to provoke or antagonize other players or ST’s, they are unacceptable. If you are using thought posts to explain an expression of body language, please keep in mind that body language is not very specific, and can be misinterpreted. It can also be reacted to! A good rule of thumb is this: If another character could not react to your thought post, then you should not post it.

Exception if you’re playing with a favored friend and their character thought-post attacks yours, and you are enjoying the multiple layers of the scenes, you are free to play unaware. But the default assumption for Wanton Wicked Role play is that what is posted is available to react to ICly.

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RPG Scene Etiquette

  • During scenes with a large amount of players, respect the post order. Just like in combat, try and follow the same player when you make your post. Try to pre type what you’re planning to post and when you see the person you’re following post. Then it is your turn.
    • In the event that you come in to a large scene late. Find who’s above you on the room list and post after them.
  • Try to remember that sometimes players are talking with Staff about a power/roll/information. So give them time to react and respond in the scene.
  • Wait for the staff to tell you what to roll. Or ask before you just roll.
  • In the case of combat, it is a general rule of the site to stay at under 3 minutes for your combat post, unless you are speaking with the storyteller to determine an action.
  • Keep out of character chatter during large ST run scenes to an absolute minimum in the room. Please use PMs.
  • Staff would prefer that you do not use thought posting during staff run scenes. If you wish other players to know your though post, do it in PMs.
    • Thought posting in coffee shop RP or any non ST run scenes will be taken as IC knowledge without a roll for all PCs in the scene.
  • During non combat parts of ST run scenes, if the person before you in post order doesn’t post for 5 mins, you can considered them skipped. If you are AFK let the room know and post when you come back.
  • If you say something to a PC in a scene, do not just drop out of the room. Give them time to respond to the post before you leave.

Cross Venue

  • When you are in a scene that is for a venue that is not your own, remember you are a guest in their scene. The scene is actually for that venue in question, so do your best to let them take the center stage.
  • Explain things to the staff running things in a clear manner. Not all of the staff are experts on every venue. They may not know how all of your powers work, so supply page numbers and books whenever possible.

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