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For players, this will walk you through the process of how to sanction your character from start to finish, and beyond.

It also provides the player with the process that the storyteller will go through when reviewing their character sheet so that they know what to expect and can be prepared to answer questions.

Sanctioning can be intimidating for both storytellers and players, it should be considered the first step in collaborative storytelling: you should try to inspire each other to create an interesting and fun character.

Sanctioning Checklist for Players

Before you Begin

  • Make sure you have read the Character Creation and House Rules guides for WantonWicked and for your venue. Please note the Character Swapping rules if this is not your first character.
  • If you have any questions, seek assistance on the Forums or in Chat!
  • Create Your Character
  • Create Your Character Sheet
  • Navigation: Characters > List > New Character
  • Fill out your Character Sheet being sure to select your Type first.
  • The character sheet is separated into 6 collapsible and expandable sections. Youll want to be sure you complete the Dossier, Stats, Abilities, Secondary Stats and Equipment sections. Only complete the Conditions section if you have a permanent condition.
  • If you take any abilities or merits that grant you something for free, put those free things on your sheet as well as marking them down in your Power Notes section. List the abilities or merits name and level, and include what you have added from what the abilities or merits grants.
    • If you take a merit like Professional Training which grants different bonuses per level, detail which bonus applies at each level. For example:


  • Level 1-
  • Level 2-
  • Level 3-
  • Level 4-
  • Level 5-

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Spending Creation Points and Build XP

  • Stats - Attributes: All Attributes begin at 1 for free, and then assign 12 dots anywhere you like using the drop down.
  • Stats - Mental Skills: All Skills begin at 0. Assign 22 dots anywhere you would like using the drop down.
  • Supernatural Abilities: For your Type, select the abilities granted to you by your template per your core book.
  • Abilities - Merits: All Types get 10 dots of Merits to spend as you wish.
  • Build XP: increases each month. These are spent per the tables in the character creation sections of each book. For current build XP please click here.
  • Click Save at the bottom of your Character Sheet.
  • Until your Character is Sanctioned, you can make any adjustments you like.

Create Your Character Request

  • Navigation: Character Sheet > Tools > Requests > New
  • Fill out the Title as: Character Name - Faction
  • Available Factions: Geist, Mortal/+, Vampire, Werewolf
  • Select the Group: Sanctioning < This is important*
  • Select Request Type: Sanction
  • Click Submit Request
  • Wait for your Storyteller to reach out to you.
  • Sanctions will happen either via the Request system exclusively or via the Chat.
  • Sanctioning
  • Listen to your Storyteller
  • During the sanctioning process, your staff member may have some suggestions for tweaking or adjusting your point spend. Dont be offended, but instead understand that theyre thinking of you, the game, and ultimately what will make the best experience.
  • Be prepared to discuss the decisions you made for your character if you feel strongly about them.
  • Ask questions! You have your staff member one on one talking all about you, so take the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about your character and the game.
  • See the Sanctioning Checklist for Storytellers (below) to understand what the Storyteller will be looking for.

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  • Log out and log back in!
    • This is how you get your fancy Im real! avatar in the chat. You can select your preferred chat avatar at any time from your Character Sheet.
  • Request access to Usergroups.
    • On the Forums, go to User Control Panel, then click on Usergroups under Options.
    • Mark the applicable Usergroup you wish to join and submit.
  • Create your Character Wiki:
    • Locate the appropriate Template, then open your own blank template by with your Character’s name for the title(You can do this easily by logging into the chat, right clicking your Character’s name and going to your profile). Open your correct venue template, click edit and copy the code then paste it onto your pc’s profile.
    • Fill out the information and save!

Here are some simple templates for players to work off of:

Mortal+ Template
Geist Template?
Absent Template?
Werewolf Template
Wolfblood Template
Vampire Template
Dhampir Template
Ghoul Template

For those who are more advanced at coding or would like something different. These are templates made by TrishD

Mortal+ Template
Geist Template
Absent Template
Werewolf Template
Wolfblood Template
Vampire Template
Dhampir Template
Ghoul Template

Have fun and play! (Most important step)

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Sanctioning Checklist for Storytellers

  • Review the Text
  • First, read all the text, starting with the background story (after that, description, beliefs/values, equipment etc.)
  • Get a sense of who the character is as a person in the world. If that�s not clear, ask for further explanation, but keep it light.
  • What is this persons lot in life? How can the character grow out of it? Does the character want to?
  • What drives the character? What are their wants and desires? How do they balance their desires against needs?
  • Who does the character know in the world? Family? Friends? Coworkers? Pets?
  • Weigh the concept. Is it starting-level? Does it need to be pared down/built up?
  • Review Virtue and Vice:
  • How does the characters Virtue work?
  • How does the characters Vice work?
  • The player should be able to provide a sentence or two describing how each functions.
  • If the character is a monster: Has his embrace, first change or awakening been detailed?
  • Is he already part of a coterie, pack or cabal? Have his mates been sanctioned yet? What is the purpose and theme of the group?
  • Review the Stats.
  • Does the character have the dots it needs to perform its job? For example, does a cop have Firearms, Investigation, Brawl, Intimidation, etc.?
  • If they have merits with pre-requisites, does the sheet have them?
  • Are there any Banned Items? If so, the Player will need to correct prior to completing sanctioning.
  • If a character is already part of a coterie, pack or cabal, how many dots have been put in Sanctum/Haven/Totem? Are these shared dots or does the character maintain his own private space? What is the breakdown of dots between Size, Security, etc.?
  • Are rotes listed properly on the character sheet? (Arcanum X - General name, pg. #, Order, Order Name)
  • Are Public Effects listed properly? Obfuscate 1, Feet of Mist, Striking Looks, Nimbus, and other powers, merits and effects that would be noticeable.
  • Review and add any bonus points or abilities listed in the Notes section that are awarded by the purchase of other abilities or merits.

The PC in the World

  • Which area of The City do they live in? Would another be more appropriate?
  • Do they have a home and vehicle? Is it noted in their equipment?
  • Where is their home located? Is that consistent with concept and Resources?
  • Do they own a cellphone? If not, why?
  • What other equipment should they have that is missing?
  • Are the names of pack, cabal or coterie, noted on the sheet?

Review Rules with Player

  • Does the player have any rules questions?
  • Does the player understand how everything on their sheet works?
  • Has the player read and understood the house rules and site polices and practices?
  • Has the player joined the relevant user groups for the character? Have you approved them?

Player Usergroups

  • Log in to the site
  • From the main Board Index, click User Control Panel
  • Click on the Usergroups tab
  • Choose the first appropriate group to apply for membership
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Submit
  • Repeat for each appropriate group.
  • Note that the IC forums will not appear until the applications for membership are approved by a moderator.

Sanctioning FAQ

QWho can sanction my sheet in 7.0?

Those who can sanction your sheet are as follows:

  • Admins
  • Story Masters
  • Narrators
  • Request Monitors

QWho cannot sanction my sheet in 7.0?

Those who can not sanction your sheet:

  • Those who are in your pre-established cabals, coteries, packs, motleys, cults, etc. As well as staff that are a players friend off site.

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