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Custom Magical Items and certain Supernatural Powers (see below) can be created anew by Player Characters using the following process:

  • Submit the proposed Item or Power to the Rules Master with suggested mechanics for approval. Please refrain from submitting Items/Powers you are not able to use yourself.
    • From the Request Tool create a Custom Item/Power type request for the Group: Rules Master.
    • Use the Template for the type of item you’re creating (or if you’re making something completely new, use the recommendations in the book for information to provide)
      • Privacy: The power/item should be listed as Public or Private in the writeup. Private means only the character that created it can use it, or those they’ve directly taught. Public means anyone may learn it (due to it being freely taught or the methodology spread around). Both will be listed on the wiki, for ease of access, but will have their ‘privacy’ noted.
  • The Rules Master, with Storymaster input, will then either approve it, work with the player to balance it out, or deny it if it simply can’t be done with the level or power(s) given.

Once approved, the power or item must be developed IC:

  • Specify in the same request whether your character is hoping to build (i.e., craft) the item or power or retrieve it.
  • Power/Item types that provide a creation system in the books are created with the systems provided. In addition, a single scene or bluebook must be provided as Justification, involving some aspect of the creation process. Scenes do not need to involve an ST.
    • Note: Dice rolls should be attached to the request.
  • In the case of types that don’t have a concrete system, a number of Justifications must be provided equal to the level of the item/power. These can include scenes (with or without an ST), bluebooks, applicable merit uses (discussed with the Rules Master), and extended rolls (discussed with the Rules Master. Only successful rolls apply). A scene or blue book MUST be one of the Justifications.
    • Retrieval: In the case of custom items that a character would like to ‘find’ or otherwise physically acquire in-character, the above Justification system is still used, representing the process of researching and seeking it out, but needing to involve a Scene run by an ST for actually acquiring the item (though this may be done via PRP). Retrievals are never Private.
  • Once Justified, the item/power is ‘’’sent back to the Rules Master’’’ for purchase (assuming you have the Experience), at which point it will be added to the wiki.
  • Only one custom item/power may be submitted per character at a time. Unless otherwise noted, custom items/powers are limited to one per month.

Customizable Traits

The following is a list, by Faction, of what can be custom-made with the above system. An * means that item can use the ‘retrieval’ system, and ** means they MUST be ‘retrieved’.

Note: Even if through some special ability, a member of one Supernatural Type is able to learn/use powers/items of another, they are still not able to customize anything not under their own header below. However, they can still buy PC-made powers that they have a way to learn.


  • Devotions, Carthian Law, Invictus Oath, Scales of the Dragon, and Rituals.
    • Carthian Law is inherently Public simply due to its often-external nature.


  • Malisons
    • Malisons always count as 3 dot powers, for Justifications.


  • Rites, Pack Tactics, Fetishes/Talens*.


  • Pack Rites, Tells
    • Tells are inherently Public and count as 3 dot powers, for Justifications.

Changeling and Fae-Touched

  • Goblin Contracts, Tokens**.
    • Goblin Contracts require 2 Justifications

‘ ’Beast’

  • Obcasus Rites, Kinship Nightmares
    • Obcasus Rites can only be developed by Initiates. They need Justifications equal to the level of their “tier” (1 for Basic, 2 for Intermediate, etc).
    • Kinship Nightmares require appropriate Family Ties.


  • Supernatural Merits (Including those for ‘Micro’ Templates).

Additional Information

  • All may submit ‘modifications’ for powers like Protean, Biomimicry, Skin Deep, and similar ‘animal aspect’ type abilities that allow you to gain customize-able modular benefits. These don’t count towards your monthly limit, and don’t need Justifications, but are still subject to “one at a time” rules.
  • Custom Mundane Items (Equipment not found in the approved for play books) are still submitted to the Rules Master for mechanical approval before the actual crafting roll is made, but no ‘Justifications’ are needed beyond what’s needed to get any materials needed for the item.

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Approved Custom Items and Traits


Spirit Speech (• to ••)

Your character, whether through intense study, a blessing of a spirit, or a quirk of birth, is capable of understanding the strange tongue spoken by Spirits.

With 1 dot, they can understand and perhaps even read First Tongue, but the human tongue has no real way to form the words properly.

With 2 dots, your character has either mutilated themself or simply practiced until overly sore to be able to muster a word or two of the language at a time. Make a Manipulation + Expression roll; for each success, you can speak one word of First Tongue in a way that sounds wholly unnatural to spirits or other native speakers. This has a tiring effect on the character; doing this more than once per scene costs a point of Willpower.

Those with the second dot who can take on a ‘wolf’ or similar sort of form can speak a word or two at a time with no roll or Willpower, as their throat can take on the shape naturally, though not speak continually, lacking ‘human’ vocal chords. Those that can ‘partially’ shift their throats and vocal chords into that shape, while retaining the ability to speak normally can speak ‘fluently’ with no rolls.

Changeling and Fae-Touched

Goblin Contracts

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Kinship Nightmares

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Obcasus Rites

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Micro Templates

Addons for Existing Templates

Augmented Dexterity (••-••••)

Protocol at equal level
At 2 dots this grants a +1 Dexterity boost, at 4 dots it grants a +2. This affects all derived traits. This can take your character above her normal Attribute limits.
You use your Dexterity for calculating Defense.

Examine Ephemera (•)

Psychic Vampirism
When the psychic vampire draws out the Ephemera of a target they are also able to make a roll of wits+composure check may discern clues about the person from the nature of their Ephemera.
Dramatic Failure: you gain two pieces of information about the subject, one of which is a dangerous lie
Fail: you fail to gain meaningful information from the Ephemera
Success: you gain basic knowledge of the person you have fed off. Their age, state of health and mental wellness, whether or not they are human, if they are under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, if they are a person you are familiar with, and if they are a person that is related to you. If they are not human, you may know what sort of creature the ephemera came from if you have identified the signs of it before
Exceptional Success: you may detect fine details about the person such as the presence of mental conditions, the nature of their virtue and vice, and their integrity score

Supernatural Merits

Biomimicry Options

The following can be chosen as purchase options by those with Biomimicry.

The merit is still limited to 4 dots

Aquatic Adaptation
The Mimic gains the ability to breathe underwater, as well as slightly webbed toes and fingers that give a +1 to both Speed when swimming and Swim rolls.
Raptors Sight
The character’s eyes take on the sharpness of a bird of prey, removing up to 3 dice of penalties from perception rolls relying on sight.
Pit Sensors
The Mimic gains a form of thermographic sensing, like those of the Viper family of snakes, becoming capable of ‘seeing’ via heat alone.
From the spider to the lizard, to the ant and many things in between, gravity isn’t the end all be all. Maybe it’s tiny hairs, or sticky pads, but you have a knack for denying gravity by climbing up seemingly flat walls, and even hanging from the ceiling.
Run like a Gazelle
Maybe the length of your arms and legs shift to allow you to run on all fours, or maybe your knees bow backwards like a gazelles, but you have adapted for speed and mighty leaps! When running on all fours, add +4 to her Speed and double all jump distances. Like most Biomimicry additions, these changes are always fairly visible and obvious.

Geomancy, Advanced (•• or ••••)

Geomancy •••••
When you perform Geomancy on a space, along with the normal Geomancy benefit, any rolls made within the space with the chosen skill or attribute gain a die bonus equal to half your rating. They do not benefit from the 9again quality or better unless the roller possess the quality via some other means.
Additionally, if you would normally have 9-again on the once per chapter roll for the base merit, it becomes 8-again.

Unseen Sense, Advanced (•••)

Unseen Sense
Your characters sixth sense for a type of supernatural creature is increased. By spending a point of Willpower she can extend the range of her unseen senses to 100 yards. As with Unseen Sense, the player can accept the Spooked Condition, in exchange for which the character can pinpoint where the feeling is coming from; this reveals all triggers of it within that range. If the target is using a power that specifically cloaks its supernatural nature, however, this does not work (though the Condition remains until resolved as usual), nor does it work against powers that use mental illusions to conceal or otherwise hide the character.

Unseen Sense, Epic (•••)

Unseen Sense
Your characters sixth sense is increased to detect any supernatural creature, and she is able to distinguish between them. As with Unseen Sense, Advanced, the player can accept the Spooked Condition, in exchange for which the character can pinpoint where the feeling is coming from; this reveals all triggers of it within that range. If the target is using a power that specifically cloaks its supernatural nature, however, this does not work (though the Condition remains until resolved as usual), nor does it work against powers that use mental illusions to conceal or otherwise hide the character.

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Vampire and Ghoul


Elder’s Potency (Any Coil or Discipline •••••, Blood Potency 6+)


Elder Kindred are well known for the potency of their Disciplines, and some manage to heighten that to a point that lesser Kindred could never manage, both increasing their presence in the world and heightening the effects of their powers.

Dice Pool
Per Base Coil/Discipline

Upon purchasing this Devotion for a given Coil or Discipline, that Coil/Discipline’s rating is treated as 1 higher for all purposes; Clashes of Wills, activation pools, derived or scaling effects, and anything else are all affected, including for any Devotions or other traits that use those Disciplines. For instance, purchasing this once for Majesty causes Awe to grant +6 dice to related Presence rolls.

This may be purchased separately for any Discipline/Coil that qualifies, and may even be purchased more than once for the same Discipline/Coil, but requires a Blood Potency equal to or greater than the new effective rating of the trait in the latter case.

This Devotion costs 3 Experience for scaled Disciplines (like Physicals) and 2 Experiences for any other Discipline or Coil.

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Oath of Punishment (•)

This Oath is used as part of punishment in a legal matter to enforce the punishment that the Praxis has ordered. Generally, the process of being released from custody will include this Oath. The vassal swears the Oath, admitting their guilt and agreeing to the terms of their punishment.

Once a character takes this Oath, he swears to the terms of his punishment. He’s the vassal, and must purchase the Merit. The Prince is considered the liege. From that point forward, he cannot attempt to break the terms of his oath. If he wishes to do so, he loses a point of Willpower, and takes a single level of aggravated damage as charred lashes appear across his back. Additionally, the Liege takes a single level of lethal damage, and knows exactly why he’s suffering it.
Can not gain the benefits of any other Oaths while the Oath of Punishment is active.

Oath of Service (••••)

Rather than a specific task, like Oath of Action, this Oath covers terms of service to the Invictus to whom the oath is sworn. A duration of time is chosen at the swearing of this oath and must be included in the wording of the Oath itself. Choosing a duration over a year and a day is considered bad form, though the Oath can be resworn annually. Unlike Oath of Fealty, the one swearing the oath does not have to be a member of the Invictus. Wording of the oath must include what would constitute a breaking of the oath.

The vassal gains access to one physical discipline’s dots of his Liege’s discipline.

If the term ends with neither having violated the oath, nothing happens but the benefits and the drawbacks of the oath simply end. If the vassal breaks the Oath, all his vitae mystically evaporates and it is immediately known by the Liege that the oath was broken and the current location of the vassal.

Can only swear one Oath of Service at a time and cannot take an Oath of Action during the time frame.

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Protean Modifications

Predatory Aspects

By altering her skin tone and even her clothes to blend into her surroundings, the Kindred becomes more difficult to notice, granting a bonus to rolls to go unnoticed equal to her Protean dots.
Projectile Blood
Spitting blood like a Cobra, the Kindred can temporarily render their opponents blind. Spend 1 additional Vitae beyond the activation cost of this power, the Vitae is expelled from the Kindreds mouth up to a distance of Strength x 3 yards. Roll Dexterity + Athletics - Defense, with the usual targeted attack penalty, but reduce this penalty by the character’s Protean dots. Success inflicts the Blind tilt on the opponent. The tilt is resolved if the victim of this power spends an Instant action wiping away the viscous fluid. Vitae so expelled from the body is considered inert, and does not cause Vitae Addiction or any increase in the steps of a Blood Bond.
Rodent’s Anatomy
Much like a Mouse or Rat caught in a Predators grasp, you know just how to move and wiggle to make an escape. If you have this power activated while in a grapple, you may add your dots in Protean to any roll to Break Free or Escape an Immobilize. Dots granted by this power may not be applied to Take Down, Damage, or the Disarm Maneuver. This power may allow the Kindred to attempt to escape an Immobilize caused by an item such as a Zip Tie or Handcuffs, make a Dexterity + Athletics roll with a penalty depending on how advanced the equipment is. Standard Rope levies a −1 penalty while Police Issue Handcuffs impose a −3. Success frees the character from the restraint.
Unnatural Maw
Though vampires are skilled predators, human physiology means their mouths aren’t their greatest weapon. Via Protean, the vampire increases the useful radius of their bite, whether by ‘unhinging’ their jaw in the manner of snakes, growing circular rows of lamprey-like teeth or some other animalistic method. When feeding ‘Violently’, they increase their effective ‘blood taken per turn’ maximum in grappling and other situations by their Protean dots. Used outside combat, this effectively turns any feeding into ‘The Assault’ instead of The Kiss.
The Kindred can produce powerful venom glands, like a spider or a snake, that they may excrete when they bite someone or hit them with a natural weapon granted by Protean. This counts as a Poison with a Toxicity equal to the Kindred’s Protean dots. In combat it inflicts the (Moderate) Poison Tilt.
Viper’s Gift
Vipers have the ability to track their prey through proteins in their bites. This Protean modification grants a similar ability. For the purposes of tracking a bitten victim by scent (p91, Vampire), the Kindred gains a dice bonus equal to their Protean until the end of the scene. This ability also allows other vampires to be tracked in a similar fashion to mortals. If the Kindred has other natural weapons granted by Protean, they can elect to cause this effect on a successful strike.
Wolf’s Hide
Adapting his flesh to that of a Predatory Animal like a Wolf or Lion, the Kindred becomes unnaturally resilient to damage. He enjoys an armor rating of 2/0 against any bashing attacks and a rating of 1/0 against incoming lethal damage. This armor does not apply to banes that the Kindred suffers from, but stacks with any armor worn.
Wolf’s Jaw
The Kindred’s jaws, tongue and voice-box shift to match those of a werewolf. This alters their voice, giving it a harsh, gravelly quality when speaking english but allowing them to speak First Tongue normally if they have taken two dots in the Spirit Speech merit. This also allows them to make a bite attack (0L, using Brawl) without first grappling their opponent, but does not allow them to Feed in combat without grappling.

Unnatural Aspects

Long Death
The Kindred produces a powerful hemotoxin as the Beast devours the subject’s blood from within them. This poison is delivered through the Kindred’s bite, or through any natural weapons created by Protean. This poison deals Lethal damage and has a Toxicity of their Blood Potency. The damage happens once per hour up to Protean times, but never during the day. In Combat this produces the (Grave) Poison Tilt, except that the victim takes a penalty to their Stamina + Resolve roll each turn equal to the Kindred’s Protean. Vampire victims lose Vitae instead of taking damage while Ghouls lose Vitae before health levels.
Monstrous Hide
The Kindred transmutes their bones and flesh, forming layers of tough leathery skin, carapace, or other natural armor. This counts as 3/5 armor with a −2 penalty to defense and a −1 penalty to speed, which does not stack with other armor (but note Resilience is NOT armor).

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Tempter’s Tongue (1 Dot)

Target Number of Successes
One Snake Tongue

Kindred are called to tempt and test mortals, just as Satan tempted Eve in the guise of a serpent. The sorcerer blesses the object and it remains empowered for a number of weeks equal to the caster’s blood potency.

When the sorcerer wishes to activate the power, he simply places the serpent’s tongue under his own where it disintegrates into nothingness. For the rest of that scene, the user may add the sorcerer’s Theban dots to their Manipulation score. A sorcerer may only have one Tempter’s Tongue in existence.

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Blood of Kings

Prerequisite Coil
Call to Serve (Voivode 3)
Within a Wyrm’s Nest, the Kindred uses a specially formed alchemically enhanced set of manacles to tie himself to the ground. Both the manacles themselves and the anchoring end have a large spike in them, which must be driven into ground and flesh, dealing 1L damage to the Kindred. A line must be cut in his flesh, then, with a similarly prepared scalpel, with the wound originating at the manacles and drawing down over his forearm (another 1L damage). Finally, the Kindred must spill a number of Vitae up to the Nest’s rating into the mouth of a Torpored Vampire that he wishes to awaken.
The energy of the Wyrm’s Nest flows into the Kindred’s blood, enhancing its potency and energizing the Vampire imbibing the arcane substance. The donor’s Blood Potency is treated as a number of dots higher equal to the Vitae spent (capped by the Nest rating, as mentioned), solely for the sake of determining if it’s potent enough to awaken the Torpored Kindred.

For instance, if a character with Blood Potency 3 uses this at a Nest of 3 dots, and spends all 3 Vitae towards this purpose, they’d count as BP6 and thus could awaken someone of Blood Potency 4 or lower.

Moment of Clarity

Prerequisite Coil
Zirnitra (Unleash the Mind)
Using a mixture of incense and various natural plants that produce a euphoric state, the Dragon boils then burns these items and captures the smoke into a small container, usually some kind of easily breakable capsule. The materials required for this Scale usually have a significant cost attributed to them (Availability 2). Once the capsule has been created, it can be broken at any time as an Instant action and the smoke inhaled to produce a sudden feeling of peace and tranquility. The effect is as if the Dragon had spent time in intense meditation.
Once breathed in, the character gains the effect of Meditation and all benefits that it imparts, as if it had just been completed. This effect lasts for one scene.

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Werewolf and Wolf-Blooded

The Gift of Cities/Gift of Essence listed here can be taken:


Outsider Fetish (+• Level)

Not a Fetish of its own so much as an additional alteration made to an existing Fetish, the Uratha makes it so a Fetish can be activated by those lacking the spiritual attunement that they themselves are inherently gifted with. By raising another Fetish or Talen’s rating by 1, the spirit within is left in a ‘half awake’ state, and can be activated with a special trigger related to its ban, thus allowing non-Uratha (most often, Wolf-Blooded) to make use of it with the normal activation pool.

This power is not needed to activate a Fetish by channeling essence into it, for those capable of doing so another way.

Cup of Life ( • to ••••• ; Fetish or Talen)

Although the appearance of this fetish has changed over the centuries, it is always some form of container for liquid. Long ago, a chalice was popular for the imagery, Today, canteens and thermoses predominate, mostly because they can be sealed. The container is not meant to hold water (although it can). It is intended to hold Essence, safe and fresh for later use.

For the Fetish, any character who can spend Essence can spend it into an (activated) Cup of Life for later use, and a character who can draw Essence from a locus can instead channel that Essence into a Cup.

Entities (generally spirits and werewolves) draw Essence from a Cup of Life through the same method that they draw Essence from a locus, except the action isn’t limited to one attempt per day. Cups of Life fetishes are considered valuable resources by all who use Essence, and they come in different strengths. A Cup can contain a maximum of three Essence points per dot. Werewolves bind hoarding spirits, such as those of magpies or squirrels, into these fetishes.

For the Talen version, it can be activated one time to fill it with Essence (using the above method), and then one time to draw the Essence, which comes in a flood; any excess is wasted. The talen then dissolves after that.

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Wake the Spirit (••, Pack)


Spirits awakened by this rite acts according to its nature – no more, no less (however, they can be asked questions).

Bells, Song, Food
Sample Rite
The Ritemaster kneels before the item that contains the slumbering spirit. They ring leave a ring of bread around the object that the spirit may break it’s fast with while singing a soft song to help rouse the spirit. At the end, they chime a bell to fully rouse it. (Presence + Expression)
Extended, target of 10s. Each roll represents 1 minute
Scene, unless the spirit is otherwise empowered

Success: Performed on mundane item or place wakes the potential spirit within. The item then possesses a spirit analogue in the Shadow Realm. When performed on an animal, a Hursih related to that animal in the spirit world wakes. The Hursih isn’t directly connected to the animal in question, though and it doesn’t have to remain in the animal’s area. A newly awakened spirit is always a Rank 1 Hursih with average traits for its class. The rite doesn’t work on sentient creatures or objects and animal (spirit representation) already awakened. The ritemaster gains a +1 to all rolls to influence the newly woken spirit, including Gifts and rites, for the duration of the scene.

Rite of Healing (•••, Wolf Rite)

Water, The Moon, Breath, and Fire
Sample Rite
Niamh uses water and the mercurial nature of the moon,the warmth of the hearth and the calmness of breath to steady herself and begin to focus on the rite of healing working her knowledge with the beneficial nature of the spirits and the Forsaken’s love of luna to help knit together the flesh of those that are wounded. (Int+Occult)
2 Essence per Health Level to be healed.
Extended (2 successes per wound, maximum of 5 for 10 successes; each roll represents 5 minutes. The target must be chosen before rolling)
The rite is capable of expediting a Werewolf’s regeneration at the expense of the user’s own life energy. 1 aggravated damage on the target Uratha, who must be present for the entire rite, is healed per 2 target successes, although 1 lethal damage is done to the ritualist in return (but this is regenerated normally). Each use of this rite can heal a maximum of 5 health levels of aggravated damage on a single target, who must be a Werewolf or a creature with similar regenerative abilities.

Shadowed Hunt (•••, Wolf Rite)


This rite allows a pack member to open a gateway into the Underworld. While the rite isn’t the special province of any one tribe or lodge, the Lodge of Death is the only one that uses it with any regularity. The rite is so named because of the way many werewolves feel about hunting already-dead prey; it’s an uncomfortable, murky practice, tantamount to admitting that the job wasn’t done right the first time. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary, and the rite can only be performed at an Avernian Gate, or at a locus with an appropriately death-like resonance.

Blood, Crossing, Death, Water
Sample Rite
The ritemaster stands before the gate or locus, and makes an offering to Death Wolf. This offering must involve a living sacrifice, but any living creature, even a mouse, will do. The werewolf then draws the First Tongue sigils for “death” and “crossing” in the victim’s blood, and sits in silence until the gate opens. (Intelligence + Occult)
Extended (20 successes needed; each roll requires one minute)
Special (See Below)
A gateway opens to the Underworld. It remains open for one hour per level of size of the creature sacrificed in the ritual, and admit anyone who crosses it unless preventative measures are put in place. Furthermore, any supernatural power used to close the passage must succeed in a Clash of Wills. The rite can also be used to return to the world of the living. However, it must be done in the Upper Reaches and within the vicinity of a closed Avernian Gate. Werewolves whose Harmony begins sliding towards their spirit half therefore must act quickly to reach a suitable site before they turn into Styx Hounds.

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Drop of Knowledge

The characters has an innate attunement to the blood of the supernatural, and her own blood carries some of this strangeness; supernatural creatures that could detect a werewolf can detect her supernatural nature just as easily, and other powers meant to uncover her nature gain a +2 bonus when used on her.

By taking a drop of someone’s blood rolling it on their fingers and smelling it, they can tell what supernatural affinity they belong too; this does not give specifics, and in fact detects “half splats” as their parent type; a Dhampir and Ghoul both are sensed as Vampiric, for example. The wolfblood is also able to track the person, getting a +2 bonus on tracking rolls for a week after gaining their scent.

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