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Wanton Wicked 5 (WW5) is a 2nd Edition (2E) Game.

Because new books for 2nd Edition are still being published, this list will be updated throughout the duration of 5.0. The books listed below are all the released and scoped books for 2015/2016. With the exception of Changeling (See Caveat below), only officially published book material is allowed.

Available to Players

Unless otherwise noted, all non-optional mechanics in these books are available to players.

  • World of Darkness 2E: The God Machine Rules Update (available for free)
  • Chronicles of Darkness
  • 2E Core Books:
    • Vampire: the Requiem 2E (a.k.a. Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicles)
      • The FAQ is in use.
    • Changeling: the Lost 2E
    • Mage: the Awakening 2E
    • Werewolf: the Forsaken 2E
  • Supplements:
    • CoD: Dark Eras
      • Anything that isn’t noted specifically as not existing in modern times, is 2nd edition mechanics, and that doesn’t have a prerequisite that’s specific to an era, can be taken. For instance, Contract of Abjuration is allowed, it’s just out of affinity, but Contract with the Uncanny (a covenant merit) cannot, since it requires status in a non-existent Covenant.
  • CoD: Dark Eras Companion
    • As above.
  • VtR: Secrets of the Covenants (With ST Approval)
  • VtR: Thousand Years of Night
    • See House Rules for clarifications on Elder prerequisites
  • VtR: Half-Damned
    • Dhampir are playable. Guru Ghouls are not currently playable.
  • VtR: Guide to the Night
    • Nothing relying on Lingua Bellum or alternative settings may be taken. Colonies and Coterie merits are fine, as are general merits and devotions.
    • Note also that Tutelage can only be used to be a student or teacher, not both each story.
  • WoD: Hurt Locker
    • See Character Creation for rules on what Minor Templates can be taken.
  • WtF: The Pack
    • See House Rules for rules on what mechanics can be used by Packs.

Changeling Caveat

When approaching WW5, because The Onyx Path is producing a new system of books (Chronicles of Darkness aka 2E), we had made it a policy to only produce games where a published book is available to all players and staff. The Onyx Path anticipates publishing the rules for Changeling: the Lost 2E this fall, but there is always a chance for delay. However, because of the popularity of the Changeling venue and the anticipation of this publication date, we have decided to launch the Changeling venue with the advanced preview of the character creation rules that The Onyx Path has provided.
For this reason, we wanted to also notify our potential Changeling players of a rather major Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware): When the book is published there may be changes to elements of character creation (for example, kith or seeming effects, changeling merits, fae-touched merits, etc.) If this is the case, your character will be modified to reflect the official, published rules. There will be no grandfathering.

Restricted to Staff/Approved PRP Use Only

  • 2E Core Books:
    • Beast: the Primordial
    • Demon: The Descent
    • Promethean: the Created 2E
    • Hunter: Mortal Remains
  • Supplements:
    • DtD: Flowers of Hell
    • DtD: Heirs to Hell

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Cross-Venue Merit Policy

Some books contain merits that are appropriate for those of other character types, and for the sake of player convenience they’ve been listed here with their appropriate sources.

  • Note that any prerequisites listed must still be met.
  • An * by the merit means that it always requires Justification, or a background explanation at creation.
  • A ^ means not available at creation, but can be gained ICly.
    • Both only apply to those outside of the given book’s faction (So, a Changeling can buy Hedge Sense at creation with no issue, for instance).

Finally, no merit listed grants access to template abilities, unique merits (other than those listed here), or powers of other Factions; Order Status won’t let a Vampire learn Rotes, Goodwill doesn’t let a Mage learn Court Contracts or Goblin Vow, and Chorister won’t let a Werewolf learn Cruac, for instance.

Can be taken by anyone

  • ‘Mundane/Human’ section merits in all books (NOT human-only merits), including non-Supernatural merits in the Chronicles of Darkness line.
  • Supernatural Item merits, if gained from another character or a plot^*
    • Does not provide any special ability to USE them.
  • Sleepwalker merits (MtA pgs 305–306)
    • Except for Mages and non-Sleepwalker mortals
  • Astral Adept (MtA pg 100)^*
    • If a Sleepwalker
  • Destiny (MtA pg 100)*
    • WP is needed for any supernatural power, not just spellcasting
  • Order Status (MtA pg 100)^*
    • 1 dot cap for non-Mages, and only if not a Sleeper
  • Infamous Mentor (MtA pg 102)*
    • Relies on and affects a faction-relevant status type
  • Empowered to Speak (VtR pg 300) *
    • Must be Blood-Bound
  • Residential Area (WtF pg 107)
  • Court Goodwill (CtL Playtest)^*
    • Limited to 2 dots for non-changelings
  • Diviner (CtL Playtest)
  • Lucid Dreamer (CtL Playtest)*
  • Prophet (CtL Playtest)
  • Warded Dreams (CtL Playtest)
  • Casual User (SotC pg 178)^*
  • Chorister (SotC pg 181)^*
  • One Foot in the Door (SotC pg 187)^*
  • Laity (SotC pg 193)^*
  • Independent Study (SotC pg 193)^*

Can be taken by non-templated/micro-template Mortals

  • Sleeper merits (MtA 302)
    • Except Sleepwalkers
  • Weakened Bond (VtR pg 299)
  • Clear-Sighted (VtR pg 299)
    • This counts as a Supernatural merit.
  • Producer (VtR pg 299)
  • Protected (VtR pg 299)*
  • Beast Whispers (VtR pg 300)
  • Beloved (VtR pg 300)*

Can be taken by any Half-Templates:

  • Weakened Bond (VtR pg 299)
  • Protected (VtR pg 299)*
  • Beast Whispers (VtR pg 300)
  • Beloved (VtR pg 300)^*

Can be taken by any Supernatural

  • Mystery Cult Influence (MtA pg 103)*
  • Dedicated Locus (WtF pg 106)
  • Totem (WtF pg 108)
    • ONLY if in a Pack with a Werewolf, and only 1 dot without Magananimous Totem
  • Bounty (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Faerie Favor (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Goblin Marketeer (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Hedge Battler (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Hedge Beast Companion (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Hedge Duelist (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Hedge Mount (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Hedge Sense (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Market Sense (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Market Stall (CtL Playtest) ^*
  • Master Shaper (CtL Playtest) ^*