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City History

Ah, the great Portland, Oregon. What a beautiful city: sprawling landscape, eclectic culture, grand scale acceptance of all walks of life. This is the perfect city, almost.

It’s crowded enough to meet new people daily, yet spread out enough to that you aren’t bumping shoulders with everyone you walk past. The food is great, the sightseeing is top notch, and as I said, it’s a perfect city… almost. That is what you would believe if you didn’t know what has happened behind the veil. A war between the factions raged; it’s influence rippling out across the supernatural landscape.

You lost… We all… Lost. So many…

THE War. The War of the Four, as it’s known by many in the city, was devastating to the Pacific Northwest. Because of the War we had to make a change. We lost too many Elders, Masters, Court Leaders, and Alphas to continue the old ways. Our alliance, the Embassy created by the few that survived, a “Supernatural UN” if you will, has worked to defend the city and to secure our future. Had we not we would be on the same path as all the other strongholds. Under the Embassy’s influence the wolves fight alongside the mages, the vampires work with the empowered mortals, to survive we must.

But this doesn’t mean that we had to change everything. The secrets remain, the veils still stands, the masquerade still shield the mortals from us. We all work together, the Court of Metal was created by the Freehold as a defense response, artifice needed to masterfully create tools for all of us to defend our homes, our neighborhoods, our territories. The Thrice-Born and Forsaken haunt the shadow watching for our enemies to slip up. We all help with the city, and even the Seers have allied with the Consilium for survival.

If one of us falls, we all fall.

Though the War of the Four concluded decades ago - elsewhere conflict continues to flourish between the various factions across North America. The battles have had a devastating toll on the populations of many of the major cities. New York City, not a Kindred in sight. Chicago, not an Awakened for miles. Dallas, the Forsaken hunted to extinction. Even in Detroit, the Lost have vanished without a trace. Sin Eaters, Demons, even those who possess a Second Sight were hunted down or turned into lab rats. In it’s wake, Portland has come to be seen by many as the last known sanctuary for all of our kind.

Our War is over but outsiders bring battles to our borders. Our enemies attack us directly and indirectly, through our allies in differing Factions. So, for the security of all, we ask for all supernaturals, pro-Embassy or not, to fight. Because there are not enough of us to fight when our enemy comes again. It is calm now, but that will change… Refugees from other cities where a Faction has fallen are welcome, but cautiously. Who can be trusted?

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Portland is a medium sized city, but has gained a national reputation for being Weird.

Located in Northern Oregon, and matching its name well (even though that was decided on a game of chance), Portland is a trade depot for the Northwest and the Pacific coast. Portland proper is bisected by the Willamette River which flows to the Columbia River, the border between Washington and Oregon, and from there the Pacific Ocean.

Because of its location between mountain ranges and a river, Portland has natural boundaries which have kept it from expanding into an exceptionally large city. The neighborhoods collectively referred to as Downtown are pinched between the West Hills and the Willamette River preventing any further expansion.

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City Time Line

  • Before 10,000 BC - First humans pass through area.
  • Pre 1500’s - Werewolves came over the Bering Strait about the same time as the first humans stepped onto the new land. There were fights for territory, against hostile spirits and against Pure. For the most part, they could avoid the Native Americans if they chose to while others lived with their tribes, hiding their Primal Instinct.
  • 1500s - There was a cause for concern as the white man came to the new land, but they just watched and continued to what was important. Some who came on the Mayflower were assumed dead when they headed out into the wilderness and never came back. Most likely they did die, meeting new Forsaken, but they might have joined the packs of the new world. History is lost here to the Forsaken and even the Pure.
  • 1700s - There was more cause for concern as the white man fought amongst themselves and created the most dangerous violence spirits that the Native Forsaken had ever seen. Many died fighting a spirit of such caliber, but many men and women changed during the Revolutionary war. More young and confused mortals joined the fray becoming more Caucasian than native now on the east coast.
  • Pre-1800s - Changelings held Court among the natives of the region. Little is known of their history except that their freehold contained three courts that were spread through much of the Pacific Northwest. Rumor has it that the Court of Fortean’s origins were among the natives tribes, though the name of the Court has changed.
  • 1805 - Lewis and Clark pass through area.
  • 1830s - Americans of European descent settle in area in number and many natives wiped out by disease. With many natives suffering from European diseases, the Native courts begin to falter and the first Three- Pillar Freehold in Portland is Founded with the Courts of Earth, Fire, and Water. Several natives joined, particularly as members of the Court of Water. Records indicate that it the True Fae were quite active in taking Mortals, and the Freehold had a sizable population boom.
  • 1843 - Original land claim is filed by William Overton and Asa Lovejoy
  • 1845 - Naming of Portland. Overton sold his share of the claim to Francis Pettygrove. Pettygrove and Lovejoy choose to build a city in what was previously called “The Clearing.” Pettygrove wins a coin toss to name the city after his hometown in Maine over Lovejoy’s birthplace, Boston. It is also nicknamed “Stump Town.”
  • 1848 - The San Francisco Gold Rush sees the birth of the Spirit of Greed.
  • 1851 - Portland incorporated The Gristle Court is Founded, ousting the Court of Earth who had grown small and weak as the city grew, and establishing themselves as a dominant influence in the newly incorporated city.
  • 1852 - With the ending of the Gold Rush, things get worse with the Spirit of Greed. Gold was gone and the current humans of San Francisco felt betrayed by the promise of greed, sorrow for their lost family, and anger that they wasted their time. The Spirit evolved Composing of all these traits and San Francisco became another supernatural war zone. Portland was again chosen to be a reserve city with one major blooded family at the time, The D’Ambrosios.
  • 1856 - The spirit changed many Forsaken’s mindsets in San Francisco during this time. Those who “fell” weren’t killed but stripped of their renown to become Pure as they saw this as a new power that was greater than the limits of renown.This war lasted until the Spirit was sealed away, but the Pure now lurked around every corner except for the reserve in Portland. The spirits they had made pacts with now help watch the city.
  • 1861 - The Civil War almost created a War/Slave Driver Spirit that could have ravaged the world with how much animosity and fighting happened. This unknown war pushed back the wolves as the States started expanding. The new Stronghold in Denver was picked, but Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco were chosen as reserve cities until the spirit was quelled and allies were called up.
  • 1864 - First “Night Spies” hired. Two deputies to act in what is the first mention of detectives on the police force.
  • 1865 - The War/Slave Driver Spirit is finally defeated, corresponding with the end of the civil war. However, defeat is different from slaying or sealing. Though the spirit did run off, the area Forsaken remain wary regarding its return.
  • 1870 - Chinatown established.
  • 1873 - Major Fire - The fire originated in the furniture factory of Hurgren and Shindler (corner of First and Salmon). It destroyed 20 blocks and nearly one-third of the business area of the city causing 1.075 million dollars damage. Civil War breaks out among the freehold over a dispute about the Crown. The Court of Fire is dismantled, resulting in a fire at the Hurgren and Shindler furniture factory and destroying 20 blocks. The Court of Walkers rises up in their place- full of dreamers, hedge-farmers, and craftsmen.
  • 1875 - Pioneer Courthouse, the oldest federal structure still standing in the Northwest, is completed.
  • 1880 - A tornado hits Portland, killing 1 or 2 people and injuring several others.
  • 1881 - Aaron Packitt was born. (-Dante-)
  • 1883 - Northern pacific railway finished.
  • 1886 - Members of the anti-coolie league burn the shacks of the Chinese market gardeners and dynamite two laundries, giving all the Chinese 30 days to leave Portland. Forced out, many Chinese return to China or migrate to San Francisco leaving only 3,000. Mayor John Gates intervenes against threats to expel the Chinese population from Portland by activating City militias and doubling the police force.
  • 1887 - First zoo opens in Washington Park.
  • 1887 - Newspaper articles of a six year old who claimed to have seen the hell and was there for six months reported (Six year old awakening).
  • 1894 - Major flood of the Willamette swells to cover 250 square blocks Five Huntsmen make a coordinated attack on the Freehold and the majority of its people are dragged back to Arcadia. The Court of Water invoke strange magics to halt the attack and banish the Huntsmen back to Arcadia and the Willamette floods the city. It’s rumored that the flood was the price for the banishing, though some claim it was a last spiteful act by the Huntsmen.
  • 1896 - Mayor Sylvester Pennoyer discharged and replaced entire police force. He appointed four different chiefs within a nine-month period.
  • 1897 - The first known kindred arrives in Portland, Carthians claim regency.
  • 1898 - Mayor William S. Mason replaces the police commission, the chief, and the entire eighty- four member police force. Carthians elect the first Prince of the City, who establishes elections based on the American election system, held once every 4 years.
  • 1899 - First mages to move to the city.
  • 1900 - The Court of Water voluntarily dissolves itself on New Year’s Day and reforms as the Court of Discovery, embracing the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition whose anniversary was coming in a few short years. The Prince establishes the City position of Seeker as the City’s Kindred population expands.
  • 1902 - The Prince establishes the City position of Advocate, in response to complaints and charges against the Seeker of fabricating evidence.
  • 1905 - Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition. The Kinsellas and the Renatus both arrive in Portland, and find themselves butting heads.
  • 1906 - In September, all but a small handful of Discovery Courtiers as well as some of the Court of Walkers sail west into the Hedge and are never seen again.
  • 1907 - Oaks Amusement Park opens - From May 1 to October 1 over 350,000 people visited
  • 1908 - The Portland Mage Consilium is founded. Sponsored by and under the orders of the Consilium of San Francisco. San Francisco struggled to manage its Seers problems, and further north, Seattle’s Consilium was under a repeated onslaught of Banisher awakenings.. Portland’s Consilium was founded to assist both Seattle to the North and San Fransisco to the South whenever they needed help.
  • 1908 - Ordinance approving the hiring of the first policewoman (as a detective). Lola Greene Baldwin is hired as “Superintendent of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Police Department for the Protection of Girls.” This made Baldwin the first municipally paid policewoman in the U.S.
  • 1912 - “Benson Bubblers” commissioned to prevent drinking beer during lunch. Simon Benson donates money to install 4-bowl drinking fountains downtown.
  • 1917 - The draft for WWI begins and again, the Freehold’s numbers suffer as many of its members are called to serve in Europe over the next few years.
  • 1918 - Spanish Influenza outbreak, public auditorium used as infirmary
  • 1920 - Zhang family arrives in Portland, bringing with it the opium trade that had been banned in Portland.
  • 1922 - The Carthian instituted election for the City’s Prince is won by an Invictus. The Prince then abolishes the annual election in favor of a more traditional system, where Covenant appointed Elders serve as Primogen to the ruling Prince.
  • 1923 - The Prince abolishes most of the Carthian-created positions, keeping only the Seeker and Advocate roles. Re-establishes the more traditional Seneschal position to manage the day-to-day business of the City, as well as the Keepers of Elysium.
  • 1935 - The Court of Discovery hangs by a thread until works of Charles Fort make their way to Portland and inspire the Court to change again, becoming the Court of Forteans. Their numbers grow slightly, but they remain small compared to the dominant Gristle and the Walkers.
  • 1938 - The Hierarch, Kit, is killed during a battle against Banishers. Dante is named the new Hierarch.Under his leadership, subsequent Banisher attacks in the following years were suppressed and ultimately vanquished.
  • 1940 - Dante appoints Blitz to the position of Adamant Sage and charges him to explore the tunnels. Nothing is discovered and the explorations are ended.
  • 1941 - Kaiser Shipyards get Liberty ship contract. This ultimately contributes towards a major first movement in civil rights on the west coast as women and non-white races are hired to complete contracts. (Free Council takes a major part in this.) As the US goes to war again, some in the freehold avoid service while others go willingly. The freehold itself adopts a policy of extreme secrecy in order to protect those who refuse to answer the draft. They withdraw from mortal and supernatural affairs almost entirely, and become more of a myth than a known faction of supernaturals in Portland.
  • 1948 - Flood of Vanport City
  • late 1950s the Rose City Guild formalized into a recognisable entity that moves pieces of the city from the shadow. Professionals, politicians, and businessmen got together to discuss strategies for their individual communities and it grew into something more. Dr. Eric Miller lead surgeon at Oregon Health & Science University’s medical center, an enhanced mortal, is elected chairman of the Guild. His rise to power and success is attributed to the organization of neighborhood watches and information trade routes for mundane and supernatural information. Though rumors were whispered for years after that wizards might have played a roll. This was never investigated.
  • 1955 - Blitz and a small crew, sent to investigate near the coast, go missing. The Consiliums’ investigations find no evidence of a storm that may have washed the missing mages away, and attempts to scry their last known location prove ineffective.
  • 1955 - Dante pushes to send more magi to investigate the coast, but his plans are interrupted as the Seer’s set up a Pylon in Portland, opening San’s Occult Shop. The shop was inaccurately connected to the deaths of two teenagers and subsequently burned to the ground by locals. More of the Zheng Family arrives in Portland, and begins to pave the way for the Triad to start taking control of the criminal underworld.
  • 1960 - The Free Council is welcomed into the Portland Consilium with the agreement to stand against Banishers and Seers. Both enemies are run out of the city.
  • 1965 - Lady Alexandria D’Ambrosio is set to take over as the head of the family when she First Change. Unfortunately, she falls in love with a vampire, who after a long courtship embraces her, sealing their eternal love and devotion with an Oath of Matrimony. The D’Ambrosio family refuses to accept this, instead hunting down the vampire and causing the true death of both the vampire, and that vampire’s entire coterie. The status of Lady Alexandria after the raid is unknown. In response to the unacceptably violent werewolf attack, The Prince declares war on the Werewolves, thus beginning The Vampire-Wolf War. The Vampire-Wolf War is ongoing and while the freehold maintains its strict secrecy, some motleys start acting as mercenaries. Several vampires, and wolves die mysteriously in their sleep. War breaks out between the Vampires and Werewolves of Portland.
  • 1967 - The Hayes family arrives in Portland from England. Due to their nature as “Thrice-Born”, they soon joined the war, as they lacked the inherent key weakness most werewolves had: Silver. The Hayes used this nature to start several daytime riots in order to take out known vampire havens. By this point, several known Kindred powerhouses have been found slain in their fortified Havens. Investigation by the Seeker reveals little other than they were slain without a battle.
  • 1968 - Though the Consilium had grown small in active membership, Dante and Provost Shiver choose to act to prevent the fighting from breaking into the mortal world. Two emissaries are sent to the warring factions to negotiate a cease fire - Thyrsus Fortuna is sent to the Wolves, and Moros Shatter is sent to the Vampires. The emissaries are returned in body bags though details of their fate are unclear. This is considered a declaration of war. Dante? personally seeks out each mage still known to the Consilium and presents two options: fight or die. The wolves begin hiring a motley of Walker Courtiers to take them through the Trods of the Hedge to get past mage wards and vampiric defenses.
  • 1969 - It becomes widely known that there is a fourth faction involved in the war, and the freehold is thrown into turmoil as their secrecy is shattered. “War of the Four Factions” officially named. The City officially opens Elysium as a safe ground for Kindred with no haven of their own to retreat to.
  • 1970s: Pressure from ranking members of the Rose City Guild forces Dr. Miller steps down as Rose City guild chairman elect to make way for his daughter Jennie Lewis. Jennie is a master strategist and opportunist that was able to advance her status through nepotism and by organizing the creation several chapters of the guild led by her loyal companions.
    • The War of the Four was starting to heat up at the time, and the effects were starting to be felt by the mortal population. In the face of the ongoing shadow war, the Rose City Guild did its best to help humanity. They organized into formalized chapters, began to cautiously study the supernatural world around them, and learn how it affected their mundane lives.
    • Through the 70s people became more open to ‘Parapsychology’- psychic powers - and the Rose City Guild was successful at finding and recruiting some of these people to help them keep humanity safe as the shadow war burned through the city. Jennie Lewis voiced often that Detection, Identification, and Protection were key for the Guild.
    • Members of the guild were spread throughout Portland’s society- doctors, lawyers politicians, entertainers, even members of the unions who fought against the corrupt practices of the past. Doctors and the police watched for signs of humans falling prey to the vampires or werewolves while politicians watched for their colleagues making sudden uncharacteristic swings of opinion that could be indicative of a mage or vampire’s mental influence. Some of the psychics spoke of Changelings crawling through their dreams. The union members, teachers, and even criminals started coming together when word of trouble came, and places where mortals died found themselves under intense scrutiny so it would not happen again.
  • 1970 - Counterattacks are launched against the freehold and the Three Pillar Crown changes hands as Gristle seizes power once more and begins to reign in the more independent elements of the Courts. Elysium is raided by a Werewolf pack. For the first time, Elysium falls to an outside force, and the City sees the loss of its beloved Prince as he ensures the death of said raiding party, to a man. The Primogen spend a month in seclusion in order to decide who should be appointed Prince. When they emerge, missing the Carthian Elder, Revered Comstock is anointed as the Sanctified Prince of the City. After a short investigation, the previous Keepers of Elysium are executed for heresy and treason. When the request goes out, only the Circle responds. Within a season, the Circle-provided Keeper of Elysium, Chanda, proves herself and her cult up to the task of defending Elysium, as it is assaulted 3 separate times by Werewolf packs. Each time, all traces of the attacks on Elysium disappear within the day.
  • 1971 - An alliance is made with the Werewolves. In a desperate attempt to regain their shattered peace, the Wolves are sealed to a pledge that they will guard the Freehold from the reprisals of other factions and never ask for assassinations within dreams to happen again. The freehold offered guides through the hedge for those who dared those paths, healing, and physical fighters.
  • 1972 - The Lancean Elder falls in an ill-advised assault on the Consilium, resulting in many crusaders finding True Death at the hands of the Magi. Lancean leadership falls to Father Fontaine.
  • 1973 - The Ordo Dracul provides intel from captured Changelings regarding the location, and methods to access, the Freehold. The Lancea Sanctum, after its own investigation using other captives, confirms the information. Plans are drafted to “leak” the information to the mages. Several neonates die before the plan sees success.
  • 1975: Rose City Livery is founded as an underground railroad of sorts for the Mortal+ population to evade the battles during the War of the 4. Long after the war RC Livery has carried on and expanded their services to members of the guild and potential members of the guild. Often they are both the first line of defense and last for newly empowered mortals.
  • 1974 - The alliance is quite successful but some of the packs did not think the freehold was doing as much as they could to finish the war and arranged- or simply let happen- a mage sortie against the freehold in hopes that it would push the freehold into further action. The attack was devastating, and the Gristle Queen perished in the assault. Provost Shiver loses her life during the raid, while Dante sees Pandemonium again. With the pledge broken, Indira and Constantine institute the first of several two-pronged, savage assaults on the territory of several werewolf packs, leaving the savaged remains of the pack members where they fell.
  • 1975 - The Freehold refused alliances after the previous betrayal and under the new Gristle King, took a purely defensive stance while spearheading efforts to bring the other factions to sit down for peace talks. Meanwhile the freehold begins to focus on gathering information, power, and influence in the mortal world.
  • 1979 - The Crone Elder passes under a presumed Mage assault on her haven. Shortly thereafter, the representatives of the Vampires finally show up to the peace talks.
  • 1980 - The Court of Gristle’s efforts finally come to fruition as elders from all four factions come together and found the Embassy. The Changeling delegation Seals the agreements being made at the negotiation table, binding everyone to ensure that everyone was acting in good faith.
    • The War reaches a conclusion with the founding of the Embassy to negotiate peace and forge an alliance between the remaining members of all four factions and introducing a fifth faction - Mortals possessing supernatural abilities or who had come to Know.
    • With the losses at hand, no Covenants have the numbers to put forth a reliable candidate for Primogen. This leaves Constantine as the sole Primogen.
    • “War of the Four Ended” UN Formed.
    • While the Alpha pack supported the embassy, the families stopped overly interacting with each other. The Zhang family supported the Embassy, the D’ambrosio family was against the embassy, and the Hayes family became insular and only focused on helping Forsaken as best they could.
    • An enhanced woman known as Ms. Natasha (Fae Touched) translated the call to peace hidden on a billboard to Dr. Miller. The Embassy was founded and the Rose City Guild sent Dr. Miller and Ms. Lewis to represent the the city and guild. They forced their way into a seat at the table- much to the consternation of the other factions. This was accomplished through their bizarre gifts and the Guild’s goal of Identification- they brought with them an entire binder full of names, pseudonyms, and photos of almost every single member of the newly formed Embassy. Knowledge, not petty supernatural tricks, was the power that carried the day for them.
  • 1985 - Nutraceutical craze hits off as a holistic alternative to modern medicine. Californian Resident Antony Mores (wife dies to cancer) inherits majority ownership to the multi-million Pharmaceutical Fortune.
    • Mores Pharmaceutical closes in January
    • In September Aion Nutraceuticals opens in California.
    • Jennie Lewis takes over for her father as leader of the Rose City Guild as it was discovered she had a structured mind that advances the goals of the Rose City Guild. Rose City Health, Wellness, and Sleep Center opens near OHSU’s medical epicenter.
  • 1987 Mores Pharmaceuticals closes January. Aion Nutraceuticals opens in September.
  • Early 1990’s - As the internet age booms, the City sees a resurgence of Carthian membership, though their leadership changes often, sometimes as often as monthly.
  • 1991 - Portland grows and mortal political protests earn the city the nickname ‘Little Beirut.’ The Court of Beirut is born out of the political atmosphere of the time in violent reaction the Gristle Court’s long term dominance. The Court of Three Pillars has four active courts.
  • 1992 - Huntsmen attacks begin happening more frequently, and True Fae are sighted riding in the streets. Courtiers are taken back to Arcadia, and many flee the area entirely. The Court of Walkers is the first to collapse under the pressure, with three courts remaining, the True Fae sightings abruptly cease while the Huntsmen attacks taper off to usual levels.
  • Late 1990s - Dotcom bubble bursts, causing certain resources of the City to take a hit as many investments fall through.
  • 1994 - 1997 Pentacle and Seer war with the banishers. In the early 1990s Several staggered tactical strikes against the Pentacle mages of Portland left the consilum in ruin. Each order was hit and took heavy losses. The Seers gain majority control over Portland’s supernal landscape. While Banishers focus their attacks on the Pentacle until their resistance is almost nill. The Banishers turn their attention to the Seer’s in a blitzkrieg that nearly wiped them out. Pushed back against the wall the Pentacle and the Seer’s realized the wall was each other. Uniting their forces they are able to push the banishers out of the city.
  • 1996 - Major Lul’aya attack threatens the Forsaken and the Embassy, Samantha Armsden father, Corrin Armsden, was killed in battle against this. Sam takes her father’s place as alpha in the pack and helps decimate the Lul’aya.
    • Diamond Security is a private security firm created during the Mage/Seer/Banisher war by the the Adamantine Arrow and strongly supported by the Consilia.
  • 1997 - The Lex is rewritten to make an alliance with the Seers of the Throne. The decision wasn’t popular with many of the magi on a personal level, but Dante? used the alliance to grow the numbers of Supernal allies that never really replenished in the decade after the war. Additionally, where Seers had stepped into positions of power throughout the city, the alliance offered the Pentacle magi a peaceful in road to take over those positions. And of course the adage holds true, “keep your enemies closer” - the alliance additionally offered a passive protection from the Seers to keep them from outright destroying the Pentacle and a more active alliance versus their mutual enemy: the Banishers. But change takes time and this alliance is still viewed with caution today.
  • 1998 - Mores makes huge changes to Aion Nutraceuticals due to California Wild Fires damaging a AN warehouse. Mores 4th wife dies in fire. Aion Nutraceuticals primary Lab and Corporate Headquarters move north to Portland Oregon.
  • 2000 The Seer Pentacle alliance fostered peace and allowed the Pentacle to take positions of power throughout the city. Some magi in the consili are know to site a familiar adage as it holds true, “keep your enemies closer”. The alliance additionally offered a passive protection from the Seers to keep them from outright destroying the Pentacle and a more active alliance versus their mutual enemy: the Banishers. But change takes time and this alliance is still viewed with caution today.
  • 2004 The aging Dr. Lewis was accidentally murdered by a deranged changeling that lost control of themselves in a medical dreaming session. Public knowledge, Dr. Lewis, died of old age in his sleep.
  • 2004–2007 - Dr. James St. Patrick and Ankita Nakamura join Aion Nutraceuticals. Dr. James St. Patrick takes family name of Mores. Aion Nutraceuticals announces several new Research and Development Teams to advance Nutraceutical Technology.Team Mores moves to the exclusive state-of-the-art Mores Wing Funded by the Rose City Guild under dummy corporations. While Team Nakamura moves to the previously held wing of Team Mores.
  • 2005 -Samantha Armsden becomes head Alpha of Portland.
  • 2006 - In a bold turn of events during the summer of 2006 a massive Banisher raid on Portland pushed against the unified Pentacle Seer alliance. Unity won the day. Many magi, but still not all, began to accept the alliance over the years to follow. But a question lingers why are the Banishers targeting Portland?
  • 2007 - The Mores Wing of Aion Nutraceuticals Lab is opened 100s of new STEM based jobs are available in Portland. Team Mores moves to the exclusive state-of-the-art Mores Wing while Team Nakamura moves to the previously held wing of Team Mores.
  • 2008 Jennie appoints a new ally to the Rose City Livery Service. George Evans blindly follows the woman with a devotion that mirrors hero worship.
  • 2010 - Jennie Lewis appoints Dr. Francine Martin to the Rose City Health, Wellness, and Sleep Center though Francine is secretly vitae addicted. James Mores is elected assistant to the Rose City Ambassador. Aion Nutraceuticals offers local college students exclusive paid internships for Aion Nutro.
  • 2012 - Aion Nutro surprisingly squashes an attempted hostile corporate takeover by Green America (another Nutraceutical Company) that would oust Antony Mores from Aion Nutro.
  • 2012 - 2015 Aion Nutro is bombarded with legal battles from competitor Green America. Resulting in the US Government seizing Green America and having it’s CEO arrested and convicted. Green America CEO is currently serving 20 years in prison.
  • 2013 - Aion Nutro stocks skyrocket with the release of a natural supplement that quickly and greatly reduces joint pain and inflammation.
    • Free Council opens a Support Center called Alphabet Soup for the Soul
  • 2014 - Green America sues Aion Nutro for product theft. The case is dropped when proof of falsified clinical research and formulas is brought to light. CEO of Green Earth is arrested and sent to jail and Green America is seized by the US Government. Green America CEO is serving 20 years in prison.
  • 2015- A Free Council Dummy Corporation buys out the Failing Green America and renames it Green Market America. Head quarters found in Silicion Forest.
  • 2016 - Current Without direct competition for 6 consecutive quarters Aion Nutro stocks continue to climb and Aion **Nutro is poised to take the International stage.
    • Current - War has continued beyond the influence of the City, but only in the past few years have the stories trickled in with the survivors and refugees. Some tell tales of war with the werewolves, or magi, or Strix being the cause of their flight, others stranger things. Even stranger, many query their fellow Kindred on the fate of other survivors, ones they claim fled to Portland before their own flight, yet not one seems to be found in the lists of those presented to the city.
    • Current: Since the War of the Four ended and the Three Pillar Freehold was established with Gristle, Beirut, and the Forteans, Portland has been a relative oasis of calm. While internal politics can get messy at times, the Huntsmen have been kept at relative bay and it’s been long enough that most of the younger generation of Lost don’t even remember the War. Things are getting dangerous outside the Pacific Northwest though. Contacts in far off cities report tensions running high and attacks from disparate sources. Miami is no longer properly recognizing the shift of Seasons, Toronto suffered a revolution and executed an entire Court, and Detroit was driven from the city entirely. Changelings with strange Mantles are on the move with new stories and ideas, and desperate to find a place that they can fit into to find a new home. Loyalists are on the rise too- infiltrating the refugees, and Portland has seen its fair share of those in recent years. The Embassy has given the Freehold a stronger measure of security than most, and the Lost who hear of it are coming.

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