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“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
- Carl Jung -

The Silver Lining

In today’s age, the world is changing at an ever increasingly rapid pace. Technology has taken leaps and bounds over the past century. Old traditions are constantly being challenged and reevaluated. Some remain standing on their own merit; others buckle under the scrutiny and change ensues. Ideas that had been mere flights of fancy are now commonplace.

To the Lost, this rate of change pales in comparison to the whimsy of their former Keepers who can alter the very fabric of their reality in Arcadia. Yet even these lost creatures have had to adapt to the changing times on the Ironside. This need for change was how the Silver Lining was created and took the shape that it has today. When the previous dual court system received their fair share of the flood of immigrants to Florida and the motley wars ensued, those who had experiences with the Seasonal Court rulership proposed the change.

Change is rarely a smooth process, especially when rulership is involved. Thankfully, those familiar with the new system of rulership were able to guide those of the former court of Day and Night into the new shape of the freehold. Progress was slow and the division was obvious to all, including the Huntsmen who saw their opportunity to pick off members of the shaping freehold with ease. The eventual discovery of this swiftly gathered the Silver Lining freehold into a united front and solidified the freehold as one.

Ever since then the freehold has seen its share of divisions over the course of time. The regicide of Winter’s Queen, the ostracization of the Herd; each time has cost the freehold dearly. A common “United we stand. Divided we fall.” mentality has permeated throughout the freehold, but every now and again a reminder is needed to shore up the divisive cracks that are created over time.

The Seasonal Courts

Recognized Motleys

Freehold Titles


Traditionally held by a member of the Iron Spear, the courts agreed that this position can be held by any member of the freehold as long as they are agreed upon by the four seasons; typically those who speak on behalf of the respective courts. If a member is agreed upon, the pledge below is sworn to the reigning season who then holds them to their words by means of a Sealing enforced by a contract of their choosing. Using glamour to nullify the Sealing is immediate disqualification for the position.

As this position involves the four seasons agreeing on someone that will be neutral for all courts, this position does not change with the seasons, though the monarch that the Constable reports to does. All matters are expected to be discussed with the reigning liege or their representative including recommended or passed judgments.

Sealed Words

I hereby pledge to the Silver Lining that I will do my utmost to be fair and just in my investigations and dealings with disputes within our territories. Until my badge of office is removed, whether freely given or revoked by the reigning liege, I will keep matters that fall to me secret save where necessary for my duties or as permitted by my liege. May I be struck by <contract> should I fail in my duties while holding this badge.


Due to the duties involved, this individual must be capable of investigation. In addition, decent social skills and goodwill are features sought as well as they will need to make the political dance between the members of various courts.


Anyone pledged to this office gains one additional court goodwill with each court they do not have a mantle for to a maximum of 5. This goodwill is not retained by default once the position is vacated, but those who leave in good standing can submit an XP purchase request to retain the dots in these merits only once. This benefit does not stack if the office is left and taken up again.

Since this is a duty to the freehold itself and not the Lost’s individual court, this does not increase the mantle rating by itself.

  • PC Position


From the inception of the Silver Lining and their seasonal system to the late 1970’s, this position resided within the Autumn court alone. However when the Oracle changed seasons to become a member of the Silent Arrow, the Ashen Court did not have a replacement ready to take over the duties. This first record of the position being held by another court saw them amenable to the prospect of it happening again over the years. Officially Autumn still holds the position, but much like the Constable, the Oracle works more for the reigning Freehold power than their court of origin.

Those who are accepted into this position can expect to be called for insight into courtly affairs, battle plans, secrets and maybe even the occasional parlor trick. Due to their nature, Oracle visions aren’t pledged to secrecy, but they are expected to know when to show discretion in what they reveal to the courtiers.

Sealed Words

Before the Horns and Ivory and the Ashen Court, I hereby pledge to walk the Bastions and Dreaming Roads for the Silver Lining, which I call home. Should I see an omen that holds sway over the Freehold, for good or ill, I will inform the reigning Liege of the Silver Lining or so forfeit this position of honor.


Due to the requirements of this position, the Diviner merit is required to at least 1. As this position still resides under the purview of Autumn’s approval, either a Mantle or Goodwill rating of 1 in Autumn is also required.

While the Oracle kith is not a requirement, it is also highly sought out. As is a specialty in Occult for prophecies.


Those in this role receive a free dot to the Diviner merit, to a maximum of 5, as long as they retain this position. This free dot is lost when the position is vacated.

  • PC Position
OracleMother HellenDarklingWinter


The burden of the crown is passed through ritual from one monarch to the next upon the seasons’ changing. During their respective season, all other monarchs bow to the reigning crown and speak more as valued councilors or representatives of their court than peers.

  • NPC Only Position
Verdant MonarchGabriel RiordanDarklingArtist
Crimson MonarchDeathFairestSnowskin
Ashen MonarchRobyn CastilloWizenedBlightbent
Silent MonarchAngelDarklingAirtouched

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Passing of the Crown

There is only one crown in the Silver Lining for monarchs which is handed off at the changing of the seasons. Each of these have been turned into an event that all sworn Lost of the Freehold are invited to attend. As the crown changes hands from one monarch to the next, it takes a shape most befitting the new holder of the crown.

Spring Equinox

The passing of the crown from Winter to Spring is a rather elegant affair both elusive and festive in one. The date is always known ahead of time, but never the location until an hour before it begins. Many a courtier stands dressed to the nines and holding masks in small or large groups while awaiting news of the location with anticipation. When the time comes, a Winter courtier arrives from the shadows dressed equally impressive wearing a mask to deliver the invitation to the masquerade ball. From the stroke of midnight until the twelfth bell the following night, the ball is in full swing.

A crisp chill fills the ballroom air and those arriving are encouraged to take to the dancefloor with another masked courtier. Between the closeness of a dance partner and the rythemed movement to the peaceful music, a warmth fills the chests of the dancers and spreads to the extremities, keeping the sorrowful chill at bay. Hot food and wine that warms the heart likewise thaw the chill that permeates around them.

The transition from Winter’s cold to Spring’s warmth is subtle throughout the day. It isn’t until the Winter King places the crown upon the new Monarch’s head and disappears once more in an impressive flurry of feathers that the chill disappears with him. Spring has now begun and the Wyrd responds with an equally impressive flurry of verdant growth! Masks are removed and all take a knee to the new seasonal ruler of the Silver Lining freehold until bid to continue their festivities in earnest!

Summer Solstice

Autumn Equinox

As one would expect with the Autumn Court the ritual that comes with the changing of the seasons is a solemn one. The Summer and Autumn monarchs approach each other from opposite sides of the meeting space chosen for the event, coming together in the center. The Summer Monarch then speaks of passing the torch as the night descends and hands off the crown to their Autumn counterpart, who then asks those gathered if they have any business to be handled by the Leaden Mirror.

Winter Solstice

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