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Changeling Player Guide

“We don’t do, we just are!”
- Michael Alig -

Goblin Contracts

Goblin Contracts have the following house rules to make them ‘backwards compatible’ until the book is out:

  • Instead of losing favored Regalia as a Hedge Denizen, you no longer gain free Seeming blessings from Contracts.
  • Goblin Queen provides dots of Retainers = to Wyrd that can have Contract dots as normal.
  • For when there’s no staff around to spend Goblin Debt, you should have a condition/tilt associated with each Goblin Contract upon purchase; when you reach 5 debt you always gain that condition/tilt and spend the debt (when the debt’s from multiple contracts, use the last one activated). The exception is if you specifically note you’re trying to gain the Hedge Denizen condition ahead of time, in which case Debt is only spent by staff normally. Note current Debt in the Conditions section of your sheet.
  • Goblin Contracts always cost 2xp, period, and should be balanced appropriately. This means they currently require 2 Justifications to create with the Custom Item/Power system.

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The changeling can ensorcel a number of individuals equal to half their wyrd rounded up.
Ensorcelling someone is a dangerous prospect initially but they quickly become a benefit and a companion that also sees the world through their eyes. They become the agents of the Lost on the ironside and can often help bring about the goals of their changeling patrons. Ensorcelled also are able to earn court goodwill to their patron’s court due to the fact that they’re considered tied to the changeling through the wyrd.
Unfortunately this also makes the ensorcelled person into something of a target for the huntsman. The changeling’s personal huntsman is likely to try to capture the ensorcelled person and use them to draw the changeling into a trap.
Ensorcelled individuals will always bare some sort of personal mark that ties them to their patron. This is identifiable by other changelings and acts similarly to a signature: fae know instinctively who’s marked them. It can be anything from a strange tattoo, scar, brand, matching eye color to their patron, or other more wild options. Only fae entities can see the brand and it reacts to the patron’s mask strength only; if their patron has reinforced the mask the mark can be hidden from fae eyes.

Cost: One glamour

The ensorcelled must consume the offered glamour in some way. This can take the form of infusing a drink with magic, offering enhanced blood to a vampire, or giving over a small piece of cake labeled “eat me.” As a boon this only has the cost of one glamour. As a blessing this cost rises by one extra glamour. The person to be ensorcelled must be willing or the result is a wyrd hex instead

Wyrd Boon

The ensorcelled person sees past the mask of all fae entities while also seeing the world of the strange around them. They can also see hedge gates but can not activate them. The ensorcelled is considered to have a wyrd of zero for the purposes of carrying goblin fruit or oddments but they may benefit from them as a changeling does. And lastly they can participate in oaths with another changeling or changelings although they can never share a kith blessing in return.

Wyrd Blessing

The ensorcelled person must have been subject to the wyrd boon before. Again the mask must be dropped in order to impart this powerful blessing. The ensorcelled person sees past the mask of all fae entities while also seeing the world of the strange around them. They can also see hedge gates but can’t activate them. The ensorcelled is considered to have a wyrd of 1 for the purposes of carrying goblin fruit or oddments and they may benefit from them as a changeling does aside from any fruits that allow them to gain glamour. An ensorcelled person can be part of an oath with another changeling.

Additionally the ensorcelled person can be fed on with a return of 2 glamour per 1 willpower. Harvesting in this way is an addicting experience for the ensorcelled person. They can also activate hedgespun items without penalty using a point of willpower but tokens behave normally requiring their catch to be met.

Wyrd Corruption

This is only for Mortal to make them Fae Touched which are not in game yet

The wyrd is always a double edged thing and a changeling can deepen the bond of ensorcellment even further. This requires the ensorcelled to be a mortal. At wyrd 6 the changeling can grant the mortal the benefits of wyrd blessing while also granting them their kith rather than their seeming. They’re considered fae touched at this point and their promise is related to their patron rather than a stolen mortal. Upon corrupting a mortal the changeling suffers an automatic breaking point as they damage the person’s soul. Elsewhere, perhaps the changeling’s keeper smiles a touch.

Wyrd Hex:

If ensorcellment is cast on an unwilling person the result is a hex from the wyrd. This grants the bewitched condition at the persistent level. This effect doesn’t cost any glamour. Hexed individuals are likely to congregate with other hexed individuals and often become hunters as the hex tears apart their lives.

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Exotic Airs (• to •••••)

The following rules are a temporary replacement for the missing ‘Exotic Airs’ merit in the Playtest

Effect: Your character can harvest the emotions of some of the stranger creatures of the World of Darkness. Each dot of this Merit allows your character to gain Glamour from one type of supernatural creature. This may mean werewolves, ghosts, mummies, zombies, or stranger things still. The Glamour works the same way as if it had been harvested from a mortal. This DOES allow such characters to be Reaped, as well, but they may inherently make a roll to determine the source, and add their Supernatural Tolerance to it.

Drawback: This advantage does not inherently mean the character is (more) able to interact with the chosen subject. For example, ghosts exist in an ethereal state, and their emotions tend to be dead and blunted. If you take this Merit, work with your Storyteller to determine how your character might harvest from these monsters.

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Clarification: Changeling Hours

When used on living things, Rewind the Clock doesn’t generally do much (unless counteracting similar age-based damaging powers), and Speed the Clock does bashing damage.

The fairest benefit affects all living supernaturals normally. Vampires (and other immortal/undead beings) are unaffected by Rewind or Speed the clock, but can be affected by Freeze the Clock. A Resolve + Wyrd contested roll is added in for freeze the clock.

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Playtest Documents

Changeling 2ed is still in development and as part of the open playtest process, large sections of rules have been made available to the community. SashaH is currently working on keeping a PDF version for our use in 6.0.

Playtest Compilation V.6

  • Playtest PDF - Updated by SashaH as she develops it. New Versions will always be found in the link

Clarification: Cloak of Elements, Control Elements, etc

Elemental contracts require an element be chosen with the purchase. An elemental affinity that lets you manifest or control two elements gives you the second for free, and that affinity is a cheap way to buy a second element for others, too.

For Phantom Glory’s Elemental affinity, it can be purchased multiple times for new elements (only the first is free for Elementals).

Freehold of Three Pillars

Joining a freehold or court is a formal Societal Oath. An oath is a permanent binding and cannot be undone. Breaking the oath merely changes the parameters of the oath, it does not erase it. By joining a freehold or court, the changeling is choosing to define herself by the oath. In swearing and keeping Societal Oath to the freehold the changeling becomes ingrained in the supernatural landscape of the area and gains +1 to navigating the local hedge. Upon swearing an Oath to a Court, she gains 1 dot of Court Mantle.

Mantles within the Mien

  • The mantle manifests as a minor wash of color, scent or flavor in the changeling’s mien.
  • The mantle may now occasionally manifest a visible element, plant, or other symbol of the Court around them, particularly when using Court contracts or feeling their Court emotion.
  • A pure embodiment of the Court, the character’s Mantle frequently flows out around the changeling and touches the miens and Mantles of others around her. This is a descriptive and not a mechanical effect, and only sensed by those who can see the character’s mien.

The Crowns

The leader of each Court has access to an additional advantage. Monarchs may apply the Charmed condition on as many people per session as they have dots in Mantle.

Court of Gristle

  • Courtiers gain +2 to social rolls when standing their ground in a social situation.
  • Courtiers gain a dot of the Goblin Vow Merit (Bones).
  • Courtiers gain two dots of Resources.
  • Courtiers refine their Court Approach and may prioritize a single Court Approach related to how they fulfill the ideals and story of the Court. Huntsmen cannot benefit from a Court Approach unless they fulfill this Approach first.
  • Each Courtier gains three dots of Potent Kith.

Court of Beirut

  • Each Courtier gains +2 to social rolls in a spontaneous gathering.
  • Courtiers gain a dot of the Goblin Vow Merit (Color Black)
  • Courtiers gain the Fixer merit as someone in the court can always point the courtier in the right direction.
  • Courtiers refine their Court Approach and may prioritize a single Court Approach related to how they fulfill the ideals and story of the Court. Huntsmen cannot benefit from a Court Approach unless they fulfill this Approach first.
  • Each courtier gains three dots of Aura Reading as she perceives the flow of the Wyrd through the world.

Court of Fortean

  • Courtier gains +2 to rolls involving a single mental specialty of their choice.
  • Courtiers gain a dot of the Goblin Vow Merit (Whispered Secrets)
  • Courtiers gain two dots of Library in their choice of Mental Skill. This merit represents the Fortean’s contributions and access to the Court’s library, and is shared with any other Forteans who have merited access. The Fortean *Library becomes increasingly cooperative with Courtiers who are tied more closely to its ideals, and it provides a bonus equal to Mantle to all appropriate research rolls.
  • Courtiers refine their Court Approach and may prioritize a single Court Approach related to how they fulfill the ideals and story of the Court. Huntsmen cannot benefit from a Court Approach unless they fulfill this Approach first.
  • The character’s Mantle is tightly controlled and rarely reaches out away from the changeling unless something strikes the courtier’s curiosity. Even when she drops her Mask it remains well controlled and each Courtier gains three dots of Dull Beacon.

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Approved Custom Items and Traits


The following abilities may have successes spent on them by Changelings using Chrysalis:

For each size above the creature’s base, a success can be spent to improve its Strength and Stamina by 1. For instance, if 4 successes are rolled, 2 could be spent to improve the creature’s size, and then 2 on this aspect to give it Str + 2 and Sta + 2.

Court Contracts

Contract of Grit (•••)

Gristle Court Contract

Gristle Courtiers are tough, mentally and physically. By embracing the virtues of their court they can become tougher.

1 Glamour
Dice Pool
Resolve + Survival + Wyrd

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: Grit utterly rejects the changeling for not having enough fortitude as a foundation to build on and the changeling suffers Humbled Condition (VtR pg 304), though it applies to the Changeling’s Masque and Mien instead of Mask and Dirge.
  • Failure: The courtier’s resistance traits are unaffected.
  • Success: The character distributes her dots in Mantle as she wishes between Resolve, Stamina, or Composure for a scene up to the maximum allowed by her Wyrd.
  • Exceptional Success: The resistance bonus can exceed the usual dot limit.
  • Beast: Wizened characters also gain the Steadfast Condition.
  • Fairest: Fairest characters get an exceptional on three successes instead of five.
  • Ogre: Ogres receive an extra +1 allocated to Stamina.
The changeling openly displays a symbol of the Gristle court.

Contract of Subversion(•••)

Beirut Court Contract

The Contract of Subversion allows a changeling to override another’s freedom of speech and replaces it with the courtier’s. Some use it with a delicate, barely perceptible touch to nudge people into action while others use a heavy handed approach to puppet someone into whipping a crowd up into a frenzy. The Court of Beirut keeps this contract as a strictly held secret amongst its courtiers and anyone who shares knowledge of it outside of the court is often considered a traitor.

1 Glamour
Dice Pool
Manipulation + Socialize + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Wyrd

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The attempt at Subversion lashes back against the courtier and the changeling gains the Swooned Condition to whomever he was attempting to subvert.
  • Failure: The mental coercion is thrown off or deflected.
  • Success: The courtier manages to impose her will on another with a touch, and applies the Subverted condition to their victim which allows her to control their words for a scene or until the condition is resolved.
  • Exceptional Success: It’s not always obvious when someone is pulling the strings of a situation, and on an exceptional success the courtier gains their Mantle as a bonus to social rolls against victims of the Subverted condition.
  • Beast: Instead of inserting their own words when they subvert someone, a Beast removes their capacity for intelligible speech entirely. Whenever the victim tries to speak they can only make wild and animalistic sounds.
  • Darkling: Darklings automatically gain the benefits of an exceptional success when using the Contract against someone who trusts them.
  • Wizened: Wizened replaced pieces of themselves that were lost and when they achieve an exceptional success they can do the same to another. While their victim is Subverted, the Changeling may adjust their perception of events as they happen and the False Memories condition is applied.
The Courtier is using the contact to force someone to tell the truth.

New Condition: Subverted

Your will hasn’t been crushed or suppressed, someone else’s has weaseled in and replaced it with their own. You are not controlled physically but the moment you open your mouth, another’s words spill out instead of whatever you meant to say. You are well aware that you didn’t intend to speak those words but can’t help it until you resolve the condition or it ends with the scene.

Possible Sources
Contract of Subversion
Facing a breaking point, say something with negative social consequences that you wouldn’t otherwise say.

Contract of the Third Pillar(•••)

The Fortean Court and the courts preceding it in spirit have always been a subtle, stabilizing force in the freehold no matter how strange they seem. The Contact of the Third Pillar is a ritual which can be used to support and strengthen any supernatural effect performed by another. It is the source of the Court’s strength- where they work together, few can stand against them. If the supernatural power is an instant action, the Contract must be activated before the action is made.

1 Glamour
Dice Pool
Intelligence + Occult + Wyrd
Instant or Extended, determined by the primary action’s length.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The ritual fails spectacularly and the backlash of the Wyrd causes the magic it was supporting to dramatically fail too, which the changeling suffers.
  • Failure: The ritual fails but it does not harm the magic it was supporting.
  • Success: The Third Pillar ritual is a success, and the counts the changeling as a secondary actor in a teamwork roll for a supernatural power whether it is a contract, merit, or other power or ability. Each success rolled + mantle gives the primary actor a bonus die.
  • Exceptional Success: The primary actor is filled with the beauty and Wonder of the Wyrd and the Fortean Court, and receives the Inspired condition.
  • Elemental: Elementals have shed their ego and without it getting in the way have a natural affinity for the ritual. They gain a +3 bonus to their roll.
  • Ogre: Ogres are a pillar of strength in a very physical manner. They may choose the higher of Strength or Intelligence when activating the Contract.
  • Wizened: Wizened who incorporate a mystical tool in their ritual- a hedgespun wand, a Token, or even a Mage’s dedicated tool also imbue the power of the ritual into the tool and gain their successes as a bonus to a single roll when using the tool in another fashion during the scene.
Another member of the Fortean Court is the primary actor.

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Goblin Contracts

Centipede’s Delight


Goblins are not bound to coventional physiology and often have impossible and illogical numbers of appendages, be it hands, legs, fingers, or arms in order to ensnare, exploit, and escape. With this Contract, Changelings can gain a number of extra arms themselves to aid in overcoming obstacles

2 Glamour
Dice Pool

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure:The hands emerge from the Changeling with a will of their own and they ply all manner of mischief from unbukling pants, to throwing items, to making obscene gestures. The Changeling takes −3 to all physical rolls actions as the hands cause distractions
  • Failure: The Contract Fails
  • Success:The Changeling grows one to for arms which they can control instinctively for the duration of one scene. The arms may be dismissed at any time before the end of the scene. They receive +3 to all rolls to grapple or utilize upper body strength in Athletics rolls such climbing, swimming, or pulling.
  • Exceptional Success:The Changeling’s arms last the rest of the night, and can be activated as an Instant Action.
The Changeling carries on their person a vial of legs from a creature with more than four legs.

Devil’s Own Luck

  • What happens when you have a luck obsessed cat bargaining with an eldritch embodiment of the Void? Why, the devil’s own luck, of course.
1 Glamour
Dice Pool
Wits + Occult + Wyrd

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The changeling lose 10-again and any beneficial dice tricks (8-again, 9-again, rote, auto-successes) for the rest of the scene.
  • Failure: Target finds a penny on the ground.
  • Success: Target gains the Charmed Condition, as per Mage. This cannot provide beats.
  • Exceptional Success: The target gains the Charmed Condition. In addition to the usual effects, the target may resolve the Charmed Condition for 8-again on a mundane roll.
The target trades good luck for bad, and gains the Shaken Condition. The target cannot resolve the Charmed Condition, nor can the changeling use this Contract again, until this Shaken Condition is resolved.

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Cat’s Eye Pendant (•)


A rare gemstone that’s actually only recently been discovered in the past century, Alexandrite has nevertheless become the source of much speculation and story telling, believing that carrying a piece of cat’s eyes will bestow a measure of the luck and health of the feline race upon the wearer. The Cat’s Eye is a piece of jewelry, set with a stunning amber alexandrite with chatoyancy, creating a cat’s eye effect. Exposure of the gemstone to the wild magic of the fae brings a measure of the story to the gemstones, bringing a measure of feline to the gem, and to the wearer.

Those who wear the adornment can use Animal Ken in place of Athletics, transforming one’s affinity for cats into physical manifestation, moving a bit more like a cat than a human. With ST approval, this can also apply to an Expression roll while dancing. This does not apply to magic power invocations, nor for any xp purchase prerequisites.

To use the cat’s eye, the wearer simply has to openly display the gemstone on their person - if the gem is covered (such as by clothing) or removed from the setting, the token cannot be used or, if active, ceases to function. The gemstone must be worn as part of a jewelry piece, and can be transferred to new settings and trinkets without ruining its magic.

There is a small ritual involved to activate the gemstone, primarily taking a bit of time to put it on, making sure it lays right, and then brushing a hand over the stone itself last (taking at least two Instant Actions, making it nonviable during combat). The token remains active as long as the ornament is worn (for purposes of Clash of Wills, this counts as a year). Once removed, it must be activated again through the accompanying ritual.

When active, the Eye actually blinks and looks around, the chatoyancy shifting as it observes the surroundings. The iris gains depth and appears alive, the pupil expands and contracts with lighting, though no sclera is present.
Using human tools suffers an untrained penalty to use (−1 if using a physical or social skill, −3 if using a mental skill). In short, the effect of the cat’s eye makes it more difficult to use objects primarily intended for humans; objects or equipment that can apply to animals can be used without penalty.
The wearer can activate the token without a roll or glamour by simply walking around on all fours. However, the human body is not built to act on all fours, leading to developing pained muscles. Each use inflicts a cumulative −2 penalty to any action after use, as if a wound penalty. This cannot be offset by any merit or ability. The penalty is reduced by 1 per night’s rest.

Elemental Bow (••••)


The Elemental Bow is a large, ornate looking bow that’s often carried without any apparent ammunition, unless of course one plans to use it among mundane audiences. Upon activation, the bow alights in a chosen element (fire, ice, electricity, or shadow). Upon the string being drawn back, will form an arrow of that element to be fired. For the rest of the scene, it will deal damage appropriate to the bow’s base stats (chosen from mundane options), but will additionally having effects that the chosen element might have. For example, fire arrows may cause flammable materials to catch on fire.

In addition, when active, the user may reflexively reactivate the object to change the element, rather than needing a standard action to do so, allowing for them to swap easily between the chosen elements in the thick of things.

Standard, reflexive if already active.
This large looking black bow doesn’t appear to be a real bow for combat, it’s long thin black piece has a thin line for the string. It has an opening in the middle where the arrows are presumably shot from.
For 24 hours the user opens themselves to the element; they take 1 extra level of damage from any manifestation of the chosen element, and a −1 penalty to hindrances caused by it.
The bow explodes with power, causing its wielder damage. The user rolls the weapon rating and takes the successes as lethal damage, at a minimum of 1 lethal. In addition, the user takes an environmental tilt for the scene corresponding to the element activated. The damage does not stack with a ‘re-activation’, but the user WILL suffer multiple tilts, in that case.

The Jurogumo’s Pipe (•••••)

The Jurogumo’s Pipe takes the form of a finely made Japanese style kiseru, a long and thin tobacco smoking pipe the length of a human forearm. This kiseru belongs to Vrys’s True Fae Keeper, The Jorogumo, Entangling Mistress of Black Waters. The Pipe is one of many others which have been carelessly lost among the Thorns of the Hedge on from the Mistress’ jaunts out of her Realm. This Token has a small bowl for burning finely shredded tobbacco and a long shaft to a mouthpiece for inhalation with bulging tips at either end.

When their own human hair is fired in the bowl, the person inhaling the smoke shares an indirect kiss with the Mistress and finds themselves transformed temproarily into an imitation of her image for a scene. They gain +2 Size, 2/2 Armor, and +3 Lethal to their Unarmed attacks as their lower bodies morph into a scuttling arachnid nightmare.

The Pipe made from the chitin of spiders and the bone of drowned men fired in hot coals under a new moon’s light. When smoked, the soft caress of the Mistress’ fingers can be felt and her breath in
The transformation wreaks havok upon the sense of Self and constitutes a Breaking Point whenever used as both beastly mind and human reason clash together. Additionally, the user takes on Condition: Obsession in the same vein of the licentious Jorogumo and shall suffer one aggravated damage at dawn per night that they do not seduce a stranger into an intimate moment. This may range from a stolen kiss to intercourse, but the token user must seduce a number of different individuals equal to their Wyrd to lift the compulsion.
If the token user opts not to pay the glamour for activating, the Jurogumo sends a few emissaries of her own to extract her price. The user finds themselves accosted by illusory spiders wherever they go from dawn to dusk, hallucinating visions of black water and entangling webs of hair and silk dragging them beneath. These hallucinations can inflict lethal damage upon the user who must evade them without rest or until suffering their Wyrd in lethal damage from asphyxiating in water.

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