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“One day, eluding her keepers, the Princess escaped. Once outside,
the brightness blinded her and erased every trace of the past from her
memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from. Her body
suffered cold, sickness, and pain. Eventually, she died. However, her
father, the King, always knew that the Princess’ soul would return,
perhaps in another body, in another place, at another time. And he
would wait for her, until he drew his last breath, until the world
stopped turning…”
- Pan’s Labyrinth -



The couple are the first lost to settle in Miami. The Dual Freehold is started to be built as others settle. Forming a two court system. Court of Light and Court of Dark.



Peacock Inn was closed down, and turned into Lake Placid School. The Dual Freehold still has control of the school.


Charles Peacock, dies of natural causes


Isabella Peacock died of natural causes. The last founder of the freehold’s death causes sadness and upset among the freehold


Lake Placid School moves and the building was torn down. The first cracks started to show when two motelys ended up facing off, what resulted that September during their fight was severe hurricanes striking south Florida, causing extreme flooding and catches the Beach community by surprise and causes substantial loss of life and property damage


Tension may have been running high among the Dual Freehold, but thanks to the influx of lost Miami Beach flourishes with a boom of art deco buildings.


When Fidel Castro took over as leader of Cuba, and Miami was flooded with refugees, that is when the Dual Freehold broke.


The freehold was named Silver Lining, as they had found a way to all co exist among the growing city of Miami.


The Freeholders use their power to help the Miami Dolphins win undefeated. The Alpha pack, annoyed by this, threaten them with war if they ever tried to do that again.


Mallory Haversham, the Spring Queen at the time, creates the Ivy Library in a hollow in Coconut Grove. Open to all freehold members of good standing, the library is built upon over the following years to cover topics both mystical and mundane.


After a handful of alarming decisions, the Winter Queen is assassinated by her own motley. The sorrow felt by the court at the loss of their long standing Queen brought about the coldest winter in Miami history, leading to the only report of snowfall in the city.


A circle of loyalists, led by the current Spring seneschal, that was using the chaos of the most recent influx of Cuban immigrants into the city to return Lost to their keepers in Arcadia is discovered and promptly dismantled. This leads to a shake up in the court leadership as a whole, removing the ruling council and replacing it with a more fluid system.


The Herd appear in Miami, a group of lost who all shared the same keeper. It’s rumored that they are the cause of the Brony Fad. Initial discrimination leads to the creation of their own unofficial Freehold apart from the Silver Lining


The Summer General receives a report of huntsmen activity around the Herd and sends his best motley ahead to defend them. The motley limits those taken to four and pursues them into the Hedge, losing most of their members to successfully rescue them. Sacrificing themselves to protect the Herd, despite their previous discrimination, broke down the barrier between the two groups and unified the Herd and the Silver Lining.


The Malcolm Protocol is named after a now-deceased Beast, Malcolm Breese. In January 1997, Malcolm tracked a Summer Courtier to the Hall of Victors and gained access to the Court Hollow. Once the dust, and the body parts, settled, Malcolm was identified and the matter brought to Winter. The body disappeared into the Hedge and the diplomatic matter was brought by Winter to the Apex.

Thus was developed The Malcolm Protocol:

‘ “In which it is understood that the homes and identities of Beasts and Lost alike are sacred in their own ways, and in which it is understood that each person is entitled to defend their person and their home from intrusion, incursions on homes and persons will be seen as attacks. Such individuals as intrude upon the sanctity of the homes of others for any reason short of defending the life or liberty of another shall be understood to take their lives in their own hands. No penalty shall be levied against nor revenge taken upon individuals defending their homes and persons against unjust intrusion.′

In the wake of the Protocol’s adoption, the Apex made it very clear that they wouldn’t get involved in any cases of invasion perpetrated on the homes of the Mother’s other children, and Beasts shouldn’t expect backup or vengeance if they decide to horn in on Hollows, havens, pack houses, or any other such turf.



On the Summer Solstice, the Apocalypse motley challenges the reigning motley for leadership in Hedge combat and wins. To avoid the vulnerability this would cause during Summer’s reign, the other courts agree to assist in defending the freehold during the event and many gain goodwill with the court as a result.


The Mirror of Paradise, a mobile goblin market known for traveling the high seas, anchors at Fisher Key for the first time since the 1926 hurricanes. Its appearance on the night of the new moon every month offers new methods of finding treasures from the Hedge and farther afield.


The Herd was one of the supporters urging Mayor Matti Bower to offically give their Gay Pride Parade the City Sanction. The sanction was given.


The Ivy Library receives its first proper technological upgrade thanks to the role of Archivist being taken up by a computer-savvy Elemental by the name of Jordan Flynn, with a number of Hedge-friendly computers granting access to knowledge previously unavailable to its patrons.


The Darkling Autumn Queen, Elizabeth Monroe, abruptly abdicates the crown before the hand-off going into the season is set to occur, stating that personal studies and other business would take her away from being able to lead the court properly. The role is taken up by the Paladin of Shadows, a Wizened by the name of Robyn Castillo, who has served in the position since.


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