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The world is never quite the same when one returns from the lands beyond the thorns of the Hedge. Whether that comes from changes that occurred while one was gone or from looking at the world with new eyes there is always something to adjust to and learn to live with, and how well one deals with that determines much about their success after their return. The Lost of Miami have suffered setbacks and conflicts, some of their own making, but stand together nonetheless at the end of the day. They’ve all been through hell, and only those that have been there can truly understand what comes from that.


Lost and Found

Memories brought you home, whether they were of a place, a person or something else that acted as a beacon which brought you back through the thorns. What you remember may no longer be there, however, or at least not something you can access the same way as you could before.

Beauty and the Beastly

Miami is a city of contrasts, with towering skyscrapers looming not all that far from neighborhoods wracked with poverty. The Lost are all too familiar with dealing with the veneer that covers what truly lies beneath, and those who want to last long quickly learn how to read what dwells under the surface.

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A New (Old) World

Miami is a swiftly-moving city, filled with people from all parts of the world doing their best to make a mark. For the Lost returning from Arcadia this breakneck pace can be both a blessing and a curse, either aiding in separating one’s self from a life they no longer want to reclaim or making it that much harder to return to where they once were.

Separate But Unified

While each of the four courts that make up the Silver Lining Freehold hold their own lands, plans and goals they remain united in purpose: protecting those Lost that have returned from the machinations of the Gentry and their servants. There are some in the city who try to hold out on their own, to varying levels of success, but for the majority the freehold provides the security needed to find their footing.

Eternally Bound

Sealings come and go, as do bargains, but Oaths are forever. Because of this, the Silver Lining freehold has taken a pragmatic approach to swearing allegiance to both court and freehold in that they are one and the same. Each of the four courts have aligned their respective oaths to be loyal both to their court, and to the freehold as a whole. Because of this, no courtless can swear an oath to the freehold without first having chosen which season’s mantle to wear. Any such courtless within the freehold’s ranks are given a critical eye as any one may be a loyalist spy.

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Character Hooks

To Market, To Market

The ‘daily’ Goblin Market located near the Lyric Theatre in Overtown has had a change in management, it seems, and the hob currently running the show is far more welcoming of the Lost than the previous ruler of the roost. While the bargaining between sellers and buyers is just as fervent as always there is more willingness to allow changelings to set up booths of their own. Do you take advantage of this fact and gain a new avenue to empower you and your allies, or do you wonder what caused the change of heart and what may come from it?

Wolves at the Window

Katherine Worthington, the daughter of one of the elder wolves that demanded the informal ban on using magics to influence local sports events, has been expressing more interest in learning about the local Lost in her current role as the pack’s ambassador to the freehold. It is said that her mother’s lover (and possibly her father, although information there is sparse) was one of the Lost, and opinions are mixed on how close to let the young wolf get. Where do you stand on the idea, and what part, if any, do you take in her desire to know more?

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