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�We don�t do, we just are!�
- Michael Alig -


  • If done during a scene, Satiety increases work normally. This includes Family Dinner.
  • During downtime, you can hunt �freely� once per week; it�s assumed you can put together up to a seven dice �potential� pool. You must live with the results of the roll, and alter your Satiety Condition as appropriate.
  • If you have Kinship with a Supernatural character that �hunts,� it�s assumed you can manage Family Dinner with them in downtime once per week as well, with their permission.
  • If you remain at Starving or Ravenous for long enough to Inflict Nightmares (see pg. 99 of the Beast core), you MUST inform a Narrator of this through a request.

Thicker Than Water

This ��does�� apply to PC supernaturals, but remember this does not force you to ��like�� them or do anything other than offer a decent first impression upon the ���first��� time you meet a given Beast. After that, impression changes normally, and is under player control.


Having Horrorspawn does not prevent the Slumbering condition. Instead, it occurs at whatever your new maximum is.

Obcasus Rites

They cost 1 Experience each, after learning the merit (Consecrate is free). Communion must be gained before purchase, as normal.


Apex Trait: Chaotic (Minor)

Nothing seems to settle exactly right in the area, and whether the result of loud storms, bad luck, eerie distractions, shifting surroundings, or otherwise, it becomes hard to focus within the Lair. This causes a −2 on any action requiring calm or patience (like meditating or aiming a ranged attack), and reduces the number of rolls possible in an extended action by 1.

This trait can be taken normally or else PCs can attempt to seek out immunity from the Apex (send an Action request to the Beast queue).


The “Minions” Lair trait provides the minions with an effective “Retainer” rating equal to Lair/2 (round up) for calculating dice pools, for actions that can be taken that aren’t otherwise covered by the Beast’s traits (like inflicting Tilts). They can only collectively perform one action per turn.

Approved Custom Items and Traits

Skin Deep Modifications

  • Enhanced Synapses: The beast gets a +1 to Initiative and calculates defense with Dexterity.
  • Horrific Visage: Grants a +2 to intimidation rolls when the target can see the Begotten.
  • Insulated Body: The character gains a minor resistance to electrical currents essentially gaining 2/0 amor against electricity or electrical attacks.

Kinship Merits

Protean Possessions (• or ••)

Family Ties with a werewolf
Your character no longer has to worry about his clothes and possessions when using some of his atavisms or abilities as everything he carries is protected from the damaging effects of them, with the one dot version everything he carries is absorbed momentarily into his lair rather than destroyed or left behind manifesting again when the beast powers are deactivated.

With the two dot version however the clothes change to accomodate new forms up to a point, so long as the transformation doesn’t go beyond shifting 1 size in either direction and maintains a basic humanoid shape.

In both versions the clothes share the same environmental immunities that the Beast enjoys.

!!! Honorary Rank (���)

Family Ties with an ephemeral being or creature with an honorary Ephemeral rank
The Beast or Herald gains an honorary Ephemera Rank equal to 1/2 their Lair score rounded down, of the type designated by the being they have kinship with. IE: Spirits, Werewolf, or Spirit Adept Mage giving Spirit Rank, Ghosts or Sin-Eaters give Ghost rank, and so on.

Possession (���� or �����)

Family Ties with a ghost or Sin-Eater, Look Between Worlds
While a Begotten�s Horror always makes itself known to those with supernatural senses when an Atavism is used, your character has learned to take that a step further, allowing your Horror to overlay more directly with your form for a time, rather than distantly acting from its Lair. By spending a point of Willpower, the Horror �possesses� the Begotten�s body in Twilight for the rest of the scene, allowing it to physically interact with any ephemeral beings (regardless of phase). When affecting something ephemeral (or solid to the ephemeral), use the Horror�s traits instead of your own. However, the Horror cannot act separately from you; your physical body must be doing the same thing.
Given the reliance on the Twilight phase, this merit doesn�t function in realms lacking it.
If you have the Legendary Horror merit and take this at 5 dots instead of 4, you can call upon your Horror�s Influences and Numina when using this merit.

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Kinship Nightmares

We can smell your lies (Carthian & Daeva and/or Bloodrose)


After obtaining the Bloodrose, some found they could access a new nightmare, one that induced fear whenever someone lied, and they would quickly find it hard to create a masterful deceit.

Dice Pool
Presence + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
after a quip about the futility of lying the target finds their misdirections hard to carry out. The afflicted are required to spend 1 willpower to lie or misdirect to the beast.
High Satiety
The monster behind the beast claws and rends at the lies the afflicted speaks until only the barest of falsehoods are left on the bones of their words. Treat a successful roll at deceiving or misdirecting the beast as though it only earned a single success, or an exceptional success as though it only earned two.
Satiety Expenditure
for each Satiety Spent in the infliction of this nightmare the target has to answer 1 question posed by the Beast truthfully.
Exceptional Success
next time the target lies about a question asked by another while affected they instead blurt out the truth.

You Can’t Have Enough(Changeling/Vampire)

Public/Private: Public

It was delicious, I could just eat until I burst

Dice Pool: Manipulation+Satiety Vs Stamina+Supernatural Resistance

Normal: The victim gains the Deprived condition to an addiction that the Beast chooses, the victim immediatly feels an urge to indulge in their new addiction as a unexpected craving, the craving doesn’t have something they have to actually eat or consume, having a conversation with one person could also count for example.

High Satiety: The Beast can easily manipulate the target through their desires, if the Beat can supply the target with what they want, besides counting as soft leverage, this automatically opens two doors in social maneuvering.

Satiety Expenditure: Nothing the victim does is enough to satisfy their new addiction but the target will attempt to indulge themselves at any chance they have. Any actions the target takes to indulge themselves gain 8-Again on roll, while actions to stop lose 10-again.

Exceptional Success: The craving is also treated as a Vice.

Your Power Doesn’t Measure Up (Autumn Court or Isabella Qilin Gracia)

Public/Private: Public

What was I thinking facing this creature? It’s too powerful, this is suicide!

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Satiety - Resolve

Normal: The victim gains the Abruption condition (BtP Pg. 321) for a number of turns equal to successes rolled.

High Satiety: Gains 8-again when rolling for the use of this nightmare.

Satiety Expenditure: For as long as this nightmare is active the Abruption Condition doesn’t go away by trading it out for another condition or the Beaten Down Tilt.

Exceptional Success: The effects from the Abruption condition also affect the victims defense.

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Obcasus Rites

Bloodsworn Union (Basic)

Dice Pool
Power + Expression - 1 per participant
Time Per Roll
10 minutes per target
Permanent (or until resolved)
+1 for every target that has the Family Ties Condition
1L from all participants

This rite binds all participants in a marriage recognized by the Dark Mother herself. Each participant offers a fair amount of blood into a ritualized vessel before it’s mixed together. Each participant then swears the terms of the union before ritually anointing themselves in the offered blood. What’s left over is drank by each participant in turn. Supernatural beings lacking in blood (such as ghosts or spirits) may substitute blood for another fluid of their choosing. This ritual imposes family ties on all participants and increases the potency of it to +2. Participants cannot be forced by any means to break the contract though they may chose to do so. Purposefully breaking this oath imposes the cursed condition on the offending party.

Exceptional Success
Each participant may borrow damage from another at 2B or 1L per scene for the cost of 1 willpower.
Once per scene, if this was originally sworn in the presence of some other oath of love, for the cost of 1 willpower, participants may borrow one supernatural merit or innate power so long as it doesn’t require some resource the participant doesn’t have (vitae, essence, glamour, etc).

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Herald-Only Supernatural Merits

Favored (••)


The Begotten you’re tied to has a closer connection to you than normal. If you’re in danger, he knows about it, the bit of his horror within you resonating unnaturally, and he has ways to get to you as quickly as possible.

If your character is in danger, her Begotten senses it, and can spend a point of Willpower appear coincidentally within a turn, or the Begotten and Herald can both spend a point of Willpower to form Primordial Pathway to the Herald without a roll (or even appropriate resonance); in the latter case, the Pathway lasts for a number of turns equal to the Beast’s Lair rating.

Teeming (•••)

Herald, Beast has Atavism ‘Infestation’
The Herald is supernaturally difficult to contain or restrain, able to dislocate bones and move parts of themselves as if comprised of many individual pieces. Mundane attempts to restrain them automatically fail, and supernatural attempts prompt a Clash of Wills (using Dexterity). While a grapple can be established, the Herald automatically succeeds any attempt to break free. The Herald can spend a point of Willpower to get the drop on an adversary trying to restrain them, slipping free and sacrificing Defense for a turn to make an All-Out attack that ignores 2 dice of Defense.
Opponents start to catch on. Add 1 dice back to the target’s Defense pool for each subsequent attempt to get the drop in a scene, whether successful or not.

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