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“We don’t do, we just are!”
- Michael Alig -


  • If done during a scene, Satiety increases work normally. This includes Family Dinner.
  • During downtime, you can hunt “freely” once per week; it’s assumed you can put together up to a seven dice “potential” pool. You must live with the results of the roll, and alter your Satiety Condition as appropriate.
  • If you have Kinship with a Supernatural character that “hunts,” it’s assumed you can manage Family Dinner with them in downtime once per week as well, with their permission.
  • If you remain at Starving or Ravenous for long enough to Inflict Nightmares (see pg. 99 of the Beast core), you MUST inform a Narrator of this through a request.

Thicker Than Water

This ‘’does’’ apply to PC supernaturals, but remember this does not force you to ‘’like’’ them or do anything other than offer a decent first impression upon the ‘’’first’’’ time you meet a given Beast. After that, impression changes normally, and is under player control.


Having Horrorspawn does not prevent the Slumbering condition. Instead, it occurs at whatever your new maximum is.

Obcasus Rites

They cost 1 Experience each, after learning the merit (Consecrate is free). Communion must be gained before purchase, as normal.



The “Minions” Lair trait provides the minions with an effective “Retainer” rating equal to Lair/2 (round up) for calculating dice pools, for actions that can be taken that aren’t otherwise covered by the Beast’s traits (like inflicting Tilts). They can only collectively perform one action per turn.

Approved Custom Items and Traits

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