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As the current Apex Agatha Holt has aged, her putative successor, Ethan Kane, expects to be the next recognized to lead. A Beast known as Martez arrived with The Storm, creating three factions, but only one Apex. Every Beast’s Lair recognizes that Agatha is still the strongest: but for how long?


Gone With The Wind

When Hurricane Andrew struck, in the confusion and panic that followed, one group knew what kind of change to expect. Agatha’s influence on the hive maintained the force of the hurricane, often storms that followed were said to be her, roused to anger. Still, while in her mortal form, she established a number of connections within the community and even has been working the political forums for an opportunity to via for a state seat. As she has aged, there were questions about her continued leadership, but every Beast knows she is still the strongest.

Various Storms And Saints

Her right hand man, Ethan Kane, is a Makara with all the right moves. Smart, polished, he matched her pace and was the perfect counterpart when she began thinking of getting into politics. Because the nature of the beast one always questions: will she rise and claim her inheritance or lose herself to the other side. And with the arrival of the Riders, the question of succession, whenever she is no longer the Apex, is in doubt.

Riders On The Storm

What can be said about Martez? Charismatic, in some ways. Dangerous, in all ways. He is a Ugallu, whose form is a great thunderbird. The hurricane is his plaything: a wild and uncontrolled energy. Where Ethan is a political powerhouse, looking to make friends and trade favors, Martez simply moves as he wants, does what he chooses and claims Agatha does not have the strength to truly lead even if she is still the Apex.

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Major Players


Ethan Kane is a man of the community. Viewed by many as Agatha’s rightful heir, doubt has come in with the arrival of Martez, since many question how he could become the Apex when Martez’s raw strength is undeniable.


Arriving with Martez, they are a collection of beasts from along the east coast. A gang, a motorcycle club, or simply along for the partying, each had a reason they followed him South to Florida. Now he claims that he, not Agatha, has the mantle of Apex, but all the Lairs remain the same, carrying the dreadful hush of impending doom that comes from Agatha and not the hurricane of Martez. He may claim, but he is not — as of yet — the Apex.

The Powers That Be

Reserved and drawn back, Agatha does not actively lead the Beasts right now. An Apex is not required to lead the local Beasts, but Miami’s community has grown used to being guided.

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Character Hooks

The Storm

Some Beasts have chosen to hook their wagons to the obvious strength of Martez, though his power is uncontrolled.

Nightmares By The Sea

Many Beasts draw on the ocean’s nightmare power, and there are rumors of cults centered around both sea and swamp.

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