Players: Michael Barrowman



Name: Michael Barrowman
Alias(es): None
Motley: None
Virtue/Vice: Generous/Competitive
Public Effects: Court Goodwill (Spring) 2, Fame 2 (Clothing Designer), Status (Arts and Society) 3, Striking Looks 2 (Dashing), Taste
Profession: Clothing Designer
Age: 35
Player: NPC
Actor: Tom Ellis


If one looked up the phrase “roguish scoundrel” there most likely would be a picture of Michael Barrowman beside it, giving a devilish grin and a sly wink. Always looking very well put-together, and often in his own designs, he walks the fine line between confidence in what he has to offer and overt arrogance and does so fabulously.


When Only The Best Will Do (Any):

Although not on the same level (yet) as a Versace or a Kors Michael is a clothing designer of notable renown, having done work for a number of the celebrities that call Miami home and others of both high taste and large wallets. His pieces are worth every penny, however, and the wait list for his services grows.

Shades of Green (Changeling):

Michael fell in with the Spring Court not long after his ‘there-and-back-again’ moment in the Hedge when he discovered to his surprise that one of his top clients was actually a mobile porcelain statue. He has since gained some clout among the Ardent, especially since he has become rather adept at working hedgespun materials into his designs.


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