Players: Maricela Cortez

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Name: Maricela Cortez
Alias(es): Mari, Loba, Lobita
Virtue/Vice Loyal / Gluttonous
  • Bartender and Bouncer at The Bitter End.
  • Mechanic, on the side, out of her shop at home.
Pack: None
Mate: None
  • A Wolf’s Meat
  • Clever Fingers
  • Devil Inside (If you are wearing obvious Religious iconography, please let me know, thanks!)
  • Piercing Eyes
Public Effects:
  • Automotive Genius
  • Fashion 2: Biker-Punk
  • Gibbous Moon’s Birth: Occult
  • Iron Stamina
  • Kamduis-Ur’s Blood
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Pack Bond
  • Raised By Wolves
  • Striking Looks 2: Expressive
Notable Attributes:
  • Composure
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Presence
  • Resolve
  • Stamina
  • Wits
Notable Skills:
  • Crafts (Mechanics)
  • Occult (Ghosts, Rites)
  • Brawl (Martial Arts, Natural Weaponry)
  • Drive
Notable Scents:
  • Machine Oil, Grease
  • Gasoline
  • Sweat
  • Beer
  • Blood
Age: 27
Player: moonkitten
Actor: Felisja Piana (NSFW)

Maricela was always small, the runt of the litter if you will. A few inches over five feet tall on a good day if she is not slouching. There is something about her that stands out, striking blue eyes, that look like they are piercing right through you. Expressive not just in her eyes, but in her facial features and body movements. Maricela generally can be found wearing jeans, tees and tank tops. Or even some coveralls. And if she has been tinkering around with an engine or some sort of machinery, it’s likely she is dirty and covered in dirt, dust, oil, grease and the like. Her voice has a warm richness to it, as well as a slight accent to it, that marks her as having grown up with English as a second language, and her Latina heritage.

The marks of her Tells, can be spotted by a keen and watchful eye, those in the know might likely be able to figure out what Tells she possesses, even. Her eyes have a constant shine to them, like when a light is directed at a cat or wolf’s eyes. Long, spindly fingers, that seem slightly off, and perhaps a tad strange. And then there is a sense of something just wrong about her, the feeling is hard to exactly place, but her presence can at times make people uncomfortable.

Height:5’3”Weight:105lbsComplexion:Light OliveHair Color:Changes Often
Eye Color:HazelDate of Birth:9/4/1991Place of Birth:SoCalAccent:Latin American Spanish
Build Type:SkinnyBirthmark:Side Of Her Upper Left ThighTattoos:SeveralPiercings:Several

Coyote Ugly (Anyone, The People)

Out in the outskirts of SE Portland, is a nice cozy place where many of the Bikers and MCs in the area like to hang out at, The Bitter End. Maricela was recently hired on by Robert as a bartender and bouncer. It is pretty common for her to get into nightly brawls with patrons as she is tossing them out on her rear ends. But if you’re a fan of gritty, rough and tumble places with with questionable partons then the Bitter End is the place for you. It is also a known neutral ground, and open to the People, and run by one of them, Robert Gallows? a know wolfblood.

Part-Time Mechanic (Anyone)

Maricela has recently moved here and made Portland her new home, taking up shop in a place out off SE Foster, in SE Portland. The place is a bit rundown, but it serves its purpose, there is a large building in the back of the house, that serves as a shop. With some excess property for storing cars, bikes, whatever. A small house out front, along with a carport and double car garage, that looks like it has definitely seen some better days. But if you are in need of your car or bike being fixed or upgraded, feel free to stop on by.

MMA (Anyone)

When she’s not working on machinery, she can be found working out in the large warehouse, having turned half of it into a gym. Even with it’s own practice ring for Martial Arts, along with the other usual items one might find in a gym; boxing bag, weights, and the like.

The Blood of Kamdius-Ur (The People)

Death is merely a part of life, is it not, a part of the circle, though ghosts, seem to exist outside it, for Maricela, this not exactly a problem, having learned at a young age, that those born with her heritage are able to stop them and trap them. On top of this ability, she has learned a decent amount on ghosts over the years as well.

A Gifted Wolfblood (The People):

Not only has she been graced at her birth, but she is an incredibly gifted Wolfblood, from her ability to see into Twilight, to her strangely long and spindly fingers that seem to help her with rites, to the fact that bruises don’t last too long, to several other boons. Though one she would likely tell you is more of a curse then a boon, especially when most people instantly see you and think you are evil. It gets tiring after a while.

SamuelFriendsNot sure where to begin, comforting and scary all at the same time.Ringtone
JayCoach?Looking forward to hitting him more often, or at least giving it my all in trying to.Ringtone
Robert Gallows?The BossHe might be a right asshole, but he looks out for his employees, and that’s more than I can ask for.Ringtone
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PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone

The Ride
Her Iron Horse

The Shop

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“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
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