Players: Lux Lovelace

Alias(es): Lawless
Virtue/Vice Just/Violent
Profession: Agricultural Guru aka Farmer & Researcher
Home: Lawless Farm
Pack: Dead
Mate: None
  • Waystone
  • Clever Fingers
  • Piercing Eyes
  • Liar’s Skin
Public Effects: Crescent Moon Birth(Ithaeur), Indomitable, Kamduis-Urs Blood(Bone Shadow), Raised By Wolves, Striking Looks(Southern Belle) 1, Protected, Patient, Area of Expertise(Spirits), Good Time Management
DOB & Zodiac: 12–3−93 Sagittarius
Age: 25
Player: Selcouth
Actor: Blake Lively

Lux is your classic good ‘ol home grown southern woman. She had legs that went up and up, curves in all the right places. Flawless tanned skin from many hours outside. The feature that stopped most people in their tracks was her lavender eyes, that seemed to reflect like a cats. All along her right arms, it coiled with tattoos of butterflies moving around ivy that runs from her wrist up to her shoulder. From her right shoulder blade down there is a Flutter of butterflies in a rainbow of colors. On the front shoulder is a single yellow butterfly. On her left shoulder blade, in black letters are two words You see and below that in white ink is but you do not observe. On the inside of her left wrist, in white ink are the words Life goes on. Both are newly done.

BirthdateBirth PlaceDominant HandBuild Type
December 3rdSavanah GALeftAthletic
HeightWeightEye ColorHair Color
Bra SizeTattoosPiercingsComplextion

ChangeLong lost friendHe just kinda.. showed up.. Followed me from Savannah… took some hit that was meant to finish off me..Ringtone
Billy BootheBeloved FriendSome folks, think to love means to have some kinda sexual relationship, but Billy taught me you can love someone for just being themselves.Ringtone
Nathanial HawkinsEvan’s MentorEntertaining, a never-ending flirt… but he is very useful.Ringtone
MustangProtectorA broken soul, his path changed by a unhappy man. I wish i could fix things for him. He’s always welcome at the farm.Ringtone
Samuel CaineMentorTeacher, the broken one. Sometimes we make choices that don’t end well… Thankfully he’s still willing to teach me.Ringtone
Mick WestbayFriendOne of the fabled thrice-born. We heard stories of them, never thought I’d get the chance to meet one.Ringtone
Evan LovelaceLong lost CousinHe just kinda.. showed up.. Guess he and I are all that’s left from our family line.Ringtone
Niamh MurphyTeacher & Mick’s MateAnother Ithaeur and Bone Shadow, she’s been kind enough to also offer to teach me some rites.Ringtone
Daniel RenatusResearch BuddyHe’s interesting, fun to talk and hang around with. Maybe with his help i’ll be able to improve my abilities.Ringtone
NoxGun BuddyNiahm’s sibling and another shooter but I’m pretty sure she spent time in the service.Ringtone
Gregor AldmanFixerHe showed up after hearing how trashed my cell phone was and just fixed it for me. Even after I pointed a gun at his head! Least he’s understanding.Ringtone
Thyme EmersonFriendShe just seems to remind me of family.. can’t really explain it.Ringtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone

  • Only Daughter and child who didn’t change to the Co Alphas of the pack Lawless, the now deceased former alpha pack of Savannah GA. They reigned as the Alpha pack for almost four Decades.
  • Lux is the youngest of four kids. Her three older brothers all first changed when they hit puberty. However, when Lux’s time came she never got the change. A disappointment in the eyes of the family. She threw herself into learning other skills to help the pack.
  • Her family had a vast farm, where all the of the family lived over 100 acres. They farmed cotton, along with growing their own food. So from a young age, she was involved in farm life. From helping work the equipment to tending to the animals.
  • When her waystone tell showed up she started to help out when rituals and other things to help out as the portable loci. When they found her skill with helping among rituals and fetish making, it was like she was the golden child.
  • From a young age she was given a bb gun, she met Mustang when she accidentally mistook him for a predator and shot him while on parol, then a rifle for hunting and finally when she was about 15 she went along on her first mission.
  • She had been practicing with the new assault rifle she’d gotten for her birthday. Her brother had spent weeks helping her learn how to use all the stuff and aiming with the scopes. The pack laid traps to funnel the pack of pure that had been harassing the city. Lux was up and away from the actual action. With her gun and scope. She helped to pick off and wound the pure as they charged in. After that one fight, her parents agreed that she was ready to join the pack
  • For the next four years, she went on missions and helped to pick off from afar, she and beauty(Her rifle) helped to keep Savannah safe from those who wished to enslave it. When she was almost 18, she was just about to start learning how to perform rites for the pack.
  • Disaster struck, Lux was hospitalized with what they thought was the flu. The pack went out to deal with a new pack of fire touched. The pack had been tricked and slaughtered, it was just one pack it was four moving in. Lux had been begging her parents and the pack to change their tactics, she blames herself for not pushing harder. Among the Bone Shadows and packs around the south, what happened to Lawless is told as a cautionary tale, warning them to always try and not get stuck in ruts with how they deal with enemies.
  • It’s known that Lux spent the years between when her pack was killed and when she moved to Portland with her Aunt Michelle. But not much is known about what all went on during that time, Lux seems reluctent to speak about it.

Lone Lawless(Werewolves)

Lux is the last surviving member of her family. The whole family made up a large alpha pack in Savannah GA years ago. The whole pack was bone shadow. They got wiped out by several packs of pure, it was bloody and brutal. Lux and her Aunt are the only survivors. Maybe you heard of the pack called Lawless

Fresh Produce(Any):

Lawless Farm currently producing and supplying the local farmer’s markets around town with quality produce.

Shots Fired(Werewolves):

Back before her family was taken out, they never hid the fact that Lux was their sharpshooter, often staying out of the major parts of battles, but instead picking off the enemies from afar. She’s known to never hit friendly targets.

The Family Library(Occult):

Lux has let it be known that she does have a library that stretches back through her family tree. She can often be found reading from it to help find something in the city and happily passing along what she learns. Maybe you need help looking up something?

All the Shadow Things(Spirits & Research):

Trained from childhood to be a useful member of The People and a pack. Lux has always been able to see into the twilight, she’s seen Ghosts, and been able to capture them. Spirits, and learned how to understand their tongue and some of their ways. She’s even seen Angels but has had limited interaction with them. If you need any help she’ll typically be willing to help out. She is often able to lend a hand with rituals of all sorts, for some reason they just seem to go better when shes involved. There are some she wont work with, but others she’ll happily help.

Beyond Organic(Business):

Raised among Bone Shadows. Lux follows the Biodynamic ways of farming, like organic but using herbs and other things to keep the fields free of bugs and help produce healthy food. She uses rituals and things to bury into the fields to help with growth that fall in line with more spiritual and zodiac alignment. She can often be found in her work shed, making extra things depending on the season. Shes even willing to teach those who want to learn. Often times she can be heard mumbling in prayers to Celtic Deities.

  • “A good heart, a strong spirit, and a steady hand. Lux is an impressive creature, and I hunger to know more.” - Mustang
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
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