Players: Kurt Lawrence

Name: Kurt Lawrence
Profession: Ex-con

Pack: Heritage
Territories: Mt. Tabor Virtue/Vice: Patient/Short-Tempered\\ Public Effects:
Age: 30
Theme Song: Gonna Need a Grave - Urban Country
Player: Gareththeloud

Portrayed By: Matthew McConaughey

The Man

Kurtís muscular 6í2 frame is covered in scars and tattoo that are mementos from his long prison sentence. Unlike his twin brotherís thinner frame, Kurt has been able to work his body to maintain top peak condition during the long solitary hours at California State Prison. He has shaven his head, so his attacker could not grab a hold of his hair during fights, grown out his beard and has a general bearing that he will kick your ass as needed. When he speaks, it is with a great confidence and self-assured tone that does lends itself to a general swagger and bombastic personality. This demeanor rolls off him with ease, a natural born gift of his heritage that spreads to those around him.

Known History

Twin brother of Russell Lawrence, Kurt is forever the irresponsible little brother who has not lived up to his older brotherís accomplishments.

A Portland native, Kurt has never strayed far from the city for long, at least not by his own choice. His temper manifested early and his time growing up was punctuated by fighting, brawling, under-age drinking, recreational drug use that probably went a bit past recreational, and a long juvenile criminal record. Academics were a wash, school athletics hardly worth mentioning as Kurt was inevitably ejected for some offense and coaches rarely tolerated his disruptive behavior.

This came to a head in the beginning of his college years when his brother was getting ready for law school and had already bailed to LA. Kurt was out drinking in frustration after realizing he was about to fully flunk out of community college. The bar was a dive and Kurt was underage still by a few months. He was six sheets to the wind when a fight started over a girl. That was when Kurt truly entered a rage the likes of which he had never experienced. His strength increased, he grabbed the overweight biker and pounded his face into a bloody mess. When the cops arrived, kurt was still seeing red and was bouncing the guyís skull off the concrete floor. Kurt was sentenced to 10 years. He has only recently returned to life as a free man.

Incarceration was not kind on Kurt. He never joined a gang which made all the gangs his enemy. He was shanked several times, but recovered surprisingly well and eventually gave as good as he got. His skills developed from harsh life and he diverged further and further from his brother.

Finally released from prison, he is trying to rejoin the real world as a master of his own rage and find where he should belong. Although his brother is still a pain in his ass, family is family.

Sigh. My Brother.

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Ex Con (All) Having recently wrapped up his probation, Kurt is returning to his hometown to try and make a life.

Not so rehabilitated (Criminal) He is a professional thug, has always been a thug, and canít seem to shake being a thug.

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