Players: Frankie Hayes

Name: Francesca Hayes(Formerly Fairfield)
Alias(es): Frankie
Virtue/Vice Hopeful/Ambitious
Profession: Physician, Fairfield Memorial Clinic,
  • Piercing Eyes
  • Spirit Twin
  • Waystone
  • Tongues
Public Effects: Striking Looks(+2-Radiant), Status: Medical 3, Hayes Family 2, High Society 1, Status: Embassy 3
Age: 29
Player: Snowcrane (Who is awesome, so says Selcouth)
Actor: Deborah Ann Woll

Frankie is a woman of moderate height and a very slim build. Her complexion is exceptionally pale, with wide-spaced, unusually large silver eyes, very angular features and only a hint of blush in her cheeks. She generally wears her hair loose, and generally dresses in a casual manner. Her body moves with a quiet grace. Her mannerisms are friendly, and she is never too busy or serious to smile.

Frankie has returned to Portland after spending some years away. She has established a new medical practice devoted to serving anyone in need officially, but unofficially - mortals who are caught in the cross-fire of the supernatural. she is frequently found at the Embassy, or in the company of her family. At present, she’s up for any new hobby that may suit her fancy, but professes she loves figure skating above all things. When she’s not working, she’s either at the Arena or trying to climb a waterfall.

ButchRelationship Here The Father/Brother combo that every girl needs. I love him.Ringtone
DrewRelationship Here My older brother. One of the happiest days of my life was knowing he was alive.Ringtone
JaxRelationship Here Someone who can focus anger into optimism, and who showed me loyalty where I thought I had no friends left.Ringtone
KurtRelationship Here The Brother who I thought would Not stick around..I love being proven wrong.Ringtone

Blood is Thicker than Water(Werewolf):

Frankie returned to Portland to be with her sister, Charlie Rose. The Death of her sister has hit her particularly hard, but she seems to be managing. Time will tell how well she heals.


She is also part of the Hayes family, and understands the deep ties and responsibilities that come from her special bloodline. She respects that Community as well as the greater Uratha.

An Apple a Day(Medical):

The Fairfield Clinic is known for being a low-cost, full service facility that is open odd hours. Rumor has it that they treat the unusual,wounds that cannot be explained. The clinic seems to be a boon to the community that houses it, as Dr. Hayes is almost always on call.

Ice Princess(Sports):

She spends as much time as she can at the Ice area, even if her stamina for the sport isn’t very great. Still, she moves with grace that speaks of a different time in her life.

Study Abroad(Travel):

She spent more than a few years of her life living in the United Kingdom and has the sports prejudices to prove it. Football? You mean hand-egg, right?

the Embassy (all):

She seems to maintain a love-hate relationship with Portland’s Embassy, but after the death of her sister, she seems to be changing her mind. Recently she has made comments about returning to service.

Season 1 Quotes

  • ’’”I was blindsided by this one, I’ll admit. Anyone who moved around a lot can understand where I’m coming from. She’s already on my list of ‘You hurt her, I hurt you’s. She’s a fuckin’ peach if there ever was one.’’” - Kel
  • ’’”Really nice lady. She’s positive, sweet, and she even paid my food tab for me! That was expensive. AND, she gave me a HUG. That has to be the best hug I’ve ever gotten. So warm! “‘’ - AaronSiversten
  • ””I’m glad to stand by her as a fellow Emissary and Portland survivor. I owe her for standing up for me and inviting me to her packhouse after everything went down. I will pay her back and then some.”” -Vrys Sarkhet
  • ‘ ’ ”She taught me what I didn’t know, the rest of it, well I found that out myself. Ignorance is bliss.”’’ - TobiasCastle
  • “ ”She is the most wonderful woman and she loves me, can you believe that?!?! She is all mine now and I will be damned before I do something stupid and give her a reason to leave me.″ - Tobias Castle
  • “ ”Frankie is my sister, not by blood but by spirit. I would fight and die for her with out though or fear. She is one of my family. for that I will be eternally grateful.″ - JaxBloodHowlerCarson
  • “Some take the road less traveled… Sometimes it makes a difference… Except that it doesn’t.” - Matthias
  • “We’ve had our problems, we’ve loved each other, then hated each other, then made peace. She is my blood. She is my kin. She will always find shelter with us… What we share is deeper than you will ever understand.” - Mick
  • “Well who’d have ever thought we’d run into each other again. From the halls of high school to the battlefield of Uratha life…it really is a small world after all, and it doesn’t feel as lonely. I wonder if she can still do that thing…” - Chris
  • “Doc. One of the first people that got to know me. The real me that is. The one under the smile. She’s like that, has a lot of love in her with no one really to give it to. Heartbreaking, and you can see it when she skates. Stay strong Doc and remember you don’t have to skate alone.”- Fujin
  • “She’s the Boardman to my Smith.” - Leo

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