Players: Bryna Harper



Name: Bryna Harper
Alias(es): Bry, Gimp
Virtue/Vice ….
Profession: War/Urban Photographer
Mate: [Jericho Harper]
  • Familiar (Studdly)
  • Tongues
  • Shape Shift
Public Effects: Pronounced Limp
Age: Early Twenties
Player: WastedMuse
Actor: Emilia Clarke

Bryna is prone to smiling, giggling, and goofing off. More girl next door than vavavoom vixen, Bryna has an approachable vibe about her, and can handle herself in nearly any instance, seemingly comfortable anywhere from the street, to the boardroom, and everywhere in between, but deep down inside, pajama’s and home are likely her favorite ways to spend her evenings.

Despite all that, there is no hiding her limb, her walking staff or her med-alert bracelet.

Jericho HarperHusband & Mate Always and ForeverRingtone
Studdly Five Paws?Familiar Service animal with a Casanova complexRingtone
Riley O’Connor (NPC)Brother…We aren’t talking anymoreRingtone
Riley O’Connor (NPC)Brother…We aren’t talking anymoreRingtone


That Strut(Anyone):

While walking with a staff might not stick out in hippy Portland, it doesn’t take a genius to realize she has a pronounced limp and that her right leg is significantly weaker than her left.

A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words(Who it effects):

Bryna loves living in the moment failing that she captures it. An avid photographer, she spent time over seas capturing candid images of war until she found herself trapped in a hot zone which required an extraction. Back state side she switched focus to urban photography, forgotten spaces, graffiti littered alleys, gritty looks at the bits of city living no one wants to stare too long at.

Ever After(Who it effects):

Between her wedding band and the fact that more often than not Jericho is at her side, it’s no secret that Bryna is a happily married woman. The raw adoration in her eyes, and teasing comments hint at the two still being newly weds.

Studdly Five Paws(Werewolves):

Her devoted, lecherous, loyal, troublesome, Raccoon in a Service Animal vest….

Med Alert(Anyone):

Between the med alert bracelet, limp and walking staff it’s plain for damn near anyone to see that Bry is sick, and likely chronically so.




“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
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