Players: Adora Madison



Name: Adora Madison
Sire: Celeste
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Coterie: None…yet
Public Effects: Status: 2 (Carthian), Striking Looks: 2 (Trustworthy/Adorable)
Mask/Dirge Jester/Spy
Profession: Being Adorable
Age: Wow, Rude.
Player: Jackins
Actor: Brianna Hildebrand


With Blush

Young and vibrant, Adora is short in stature and makes up for her lack of height with sarcasm. He dress us usually eclectic, ranging from pop culture reference t-shirts, to more classy attire.


Deathly pale and humorless with a dark, predatory gaze. There’s nothing sweet or playful about this gangrel in such a state, which makes her demeanor that much worse when not wearing a more lively guise.



SavinaRoomieCan’t Flirt but she’s loadedCourtesy Call
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Damn Nerd” (Everyone):

Adora’s free time is spent playing with puzzles and various nerd paraphernalia. All things that her rough start while alive didn’t allow her to get into. She plays plenty of table top games, enjoys puzzles, and don’t get her started on Godzilla.

Ambitious Rebel”(Carthians, Vampires):

Adora is eager to make a name for herself and move up in the ranks. She has an ever growing grasp on local politics, despite her outward demeanor. Passionate to a fault, no job is too small if it helps her climb the proverbial ladder.

Fixer (Streetwise, Criminal Characters)

Need something? Chances are Adora knows someone that can get it for you. If she doesn’t, well, she can get it herself.


“Adorable. And entirely not what I expected. Still getting to know this one but she finds a way to surprise me every time. She can do business, she’s got tricks… Think she’s got some more surprises to show as I get to know her.” -The Mad King
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