Scene: The Wallson Wedding (Invite Only)
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Harvey and Esme finally tie the knot
Run By Raeras Scheduled For Tuesday, 2018-02-13 6:00 PM
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The Kindred of Portland and a select few from other factions have been invited to Esme and Harvey's wedding!

Participating Characters

Alan -NiK- Deckard
Joined: 2018-02-05 6:27 PM

Layla's +1

Alexander -Fujin- Lin
Joined: 2018-02-05 4:14 PM
Charles -Divian- Peterson
Joined: 2018-02-07 11:56 AM

of course im gonna be there esme is my buddy


Dr. Victoria Frank
Joined: 2018-02-11 9:01 PM
Erinn -Fawkes- Rayborn
Joined: 2018-02-13 8:33 AM
Esme Wallson
Joined: 2018-02-05 8:18 AM

Can't have the wedding without the Bride!

Essence Corvin
Joined: 2018-02-13 7:00 PM
Harold -Kord- Kelly
Joined: 2018-02-13 11:39 AM

He's on Kenley's arm in a suit making nice.

Kelly -Khalia- Porter
Joined: 2018-02-14 5:46 PM
Kenley -Unauthorized- Kelly
Joined: 2018-02-04 10:12 PM
Layla -Labyrinth- Boyd
Joined: 2018-02-05 11:21 PM
Naomi Gracen
Joined: 2018-02-04 9:40 PM
Nathanial Hawkins
Joined: 2018-02-11 8:36 PM
Nino X Doe
Joined: 2018-02-13 6:21 PM

Nino travels by bus, and brings a pair of Red toned Aprons, with the wedding date embroiderd in a small scale into the yellow letters of "His" and "Hers"