Scene: The Turtle and the Monkey
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A Huntsman searches for a treasured Changeling, a monkey seeks a friend.
Run By TheGrimalkin Scheduled For Saturday, 2018-05-19 4:00 PM
Tags combat, Changeling, Hedge, Physical, Mental, Fae Sign-up limit 0

A Huntsman scene for Jade Knight, Nino X Doe, Blair Bell, and Ryuko. The Huntsmen walk the streets of Portland, carrying promises of reprieve, promises of payment, and promises of mercy to any and all who aid them in the capture of a Lost. 


New Update: Scene has been rescheduled for next Saturday due to unexpected availability issues! 

Participating Characters

Charles -Divian- Peterson
Joined: 2018-05-10 9:09 PM

always looking to help the people


Christoph Smith
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Marc Etienne Saker
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Marja -Emergence- Jovanovic
Joined: 2018-05-19 5:12 PM

Curiosity killed the cat.

Nino X Doe
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Oliver Vann
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Ophelia Vann
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Tea and then killing things?!

Ryuko Saito
Joined: 2018-05-08 8:03 PM

Ryuko will fight!