Scene: The Turtle and His Shield
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The Huntsman returns after much deception
Run By TheGrimalkin Scheduled For Monday, 2018-07-09 2:00 PM
Tags combat, Changeling, Hedge, Physical, Mental, Fae Sign-up limit 0

The Golden Tooth Slugger returns after much deception and he won't get fooled again. Feel free to roll preparation or investigation before the scene and PM me and/or pos in your joining post what you do in order to prepare. There are four slots open with a fifth slot reserved for Jade Knight, whose Huntsman is terrorizing and what not. If you can't attend this scene, there is an investigation scene on Sunday at 2:00 server time where you can investigate the Huntsman and his possible weaknesses.

Participating Characters

Asteria Troy
Joined: 2018-07-02 1:40 PM

I would like to help with the investigation scene on Sunday.

Charles -Divian- Peterson
Joined: 2018-07-09 5:50 AM

will always be there for his team,  WOO dreamholders!!


Conall Reese
Joined: 2018-06-22 4:14 PM