Scene: The Ronin (Huntsman Mini-Plot)
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Stopping a Huntsman from hunting his prey! Intro scene, one of three.
Run By TheGrimalkin Scheduled For Thursday, 2017-12-07 4:00 PM
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So yeah, we're going to be stopping a Huntsman that's preying on a particular sort of Lost who has a connection to Vryschyka Sarikhet's Keeper. The scen's going to be investigative, hedge-trecking, and then combatting over the course of three scenes. Mostly playing it by ear and we currently have maybe one slot open for one more Lost aside from Ryuko, Wagner, and Talon.

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Ian Inkspell
Joined: 2017-12-05 10:03 PM
Ryuko Saito
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Ryu will bring her fiery self along!

Talon Del'Oran
Joined: 2017-12-04 5:46 PM