Scene: The Circle of Seasons
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The four seasonal crowns are out meeting people.
Run By SashaH Scheduled For Thursday, 2018-11-08 6:30 PM
Tags NPC, Freehold, New Changelings, Court, Seasonal, Plots Sign-up limit 0

Come meet High Queen Amber Kalia of the Autumn Court, Queen Krista Northbrook of the Winter Court, Queen Nyan Skotobyonia of the Spring Court, or Queen Debora Burnheart of the Summer Court.

Participating Characters

Autumn -Aion- Averlane
Joined: 2018-11-07 3:58 PM
Blair Bell
Joined: 2018-11-08 5:28 PM


Christian Baptiste
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Eamon Hart
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Eddie Crude
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Gabriel -Ameliore- Durand
Joined: 2018-11-08 4:55 PM
Hunter Shadowstep
Joined: 2018-11-08 5:58 PM

Introducing Gabriel to the Winter Queen

Jennifer -Pawn- Silver
Joined: 2018-11-08 10:23 PM

Made it at the end 

Karl Heksen
Joined: 2018-11-07 11:41 PM
Joined: 2018-11-07 5:03 PM

Looking forward to it!

Moira Merritt
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Paige Turner
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Rook Ashfield
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Trixie Reynard
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Valerie Swann
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Vrys Sarkhet
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