Scene: The Angel of Death
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Edsel's dark huntsman is back now that the waiting period is over.
Run By SashaH Scheduled For Saturday, 2018-11-10 12:00 PM
Tags Changeling, Huntsman, Dangerous, Potential Combat Sign-up limit 0

You can run Edsel but you can't hide.  Eventually you'll be taking that ride back to the dark hollows from which you came.

Participating Characters

Jennifer Malone
Joined: 2018-11-06 4:09 PM

Jennifer kind of wants to kill a huntsman as a sort of, "I did something awesome" bucket list item. Sign her up!

Paige Turner
Joined: 2018-11-09 6:13 PM
Vrys Sarkhet
Joined: 2018-11-10 10:18 AM