Scene: Starvation Creek, part 2
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ghosts of the Oregon Trail
Run By BeccaH Scheduled For Sunday, 2018-10-28 3:00 PM
Tags Part 2 of Starvation creek, open to all Wolves and WB Sign-up limit 0

Participating Characters

Aaron -Sin Eater- Siversten
Joined: 2018-10-20 5:16 PM
Alvaro Santo Domingo
Joined: 2018-10-20 5:06 PM
Kenley -Unauthorized- Kelly
Joined: 2018-10-20 5:06 PM
Mick -Chain Breaker- Westbay
Joined: 2018-10-28 1:39 PM

In for a Penny, in for a pound.

Miri -Reverie- Rybakov
Joined: 2018-10-20 5:07 PM