Scene: Sateen 2: The Curse
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2 of 7 challenges by Ryuko's / Jennifer's Keeper
Run By Mephi Scheduled For Saturday, 2018-10-13 1:00 PM
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 Sateen is going to move to her next part of the seven trials.  The first was a summer challenge. The second is autumn themed, and is going to revolve around a mystical puzzle to solve.  Any members of the Dreamhold MCI who opt into this will be affected by the curse as well.   Sateen will inflict a Tying the Knots of Fate on the Dreamhold, cursing their Queen and nobles to fall into the Sleeping Beauty coma type situation.  The goal of this PrP is to investigate the curse in detail, and figure out a method of surviving it.    

This scene will primarily revolve around using the Investigation skill subsystem from the CofD core, building up Clues that can be used to counter the curse and surviving it. 

As always, failure to successfully complete the challenge may result in capture/death.

Participating Characters

Alvaro Santo Domingo
Joined: 2018-10-02 7:04 AM
Autumn -Aion- Averlane
Joined: 2018-10-02 7:01 AM

My flame siren mine!

Jennifer -Pawn- Silver
Joined: 2018-10-08 8:57 PM

Tentatively in!

Ryuko Saito
Joined: 2018-10-13 1:05 PM

Ryu will defy her once Queen!

Sophie -Terpsichore- Dawson
Joined: 2018-10-09 6:49 PM

If I wake up for the scene, I'll be there (it's at 4am for me).