Scene: Sandy River Blues - Part II
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Players investigate the remnants of the pioneer settlements on the Sandy River.
Run By BeccaH Scheduled For Sunday, 2018-04-15 4:00 PM
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A recent flood has caused the Sandy River to change course, revealing one of the Lost Pioneer settlements in Oregon territory as the river receds and changes course. As residents of the small town nearby go sick and missing, what was truly buried in the mud?


For werewolves, Wolfbloods and pals, subject to rescheduling if RL issues arise.  Afternoon session for evening and west coast players. 

Moving start time to 4pm as morning session ran late. Please use the Players tab of the google doc to input your combat stats.

Participating Characters

Aaron -Sin Eater- Siversten
Joined: 2018-04-15 8:59 AM
Butch -Banzai- McCullough
Joined: 2018-04-12 6:49 PM

Might not be bad to get some ghost fightinh experience.

Evelynn Frisko
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Gideon -Papa Wolf- Savage_1
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Kenley -Unauthorized- Kelly
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Lilah Stark
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Monica Carino
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Tobias Castle
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Someone has to keep it all together

Zane -Girru- Foster
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Bringing the Rahu rage.