Scene: Sandy River Blues, Part I
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A morning scene for folks who can't make the evening session
Run By BeccaH Scheduled For Sunday, 2018-04-15 8:00 AM
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morning session for the sandy river scene. 


A recent flood has caused the Sandy River to change course, revealing one of the Lost Pioneer settlements in Oregon territory as the river receds and changes course. As residents of the small town nearby go sick and missing, what was truly buried in the mud?

Participating Characters

Agatha Kingsley
Joined: 2018-04-15 7:59 AM
Gideon -Papa Wolf- Savage_1
Joined: 2018-04-15 8:11 AM
Jax -Blood Howler- Carson
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Mercy-Glorious Scream-Blackmoore
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Peter -Liberty- Dorset
Joined: 2018-04-13 11:51 PM

Coming along to support pack mates. :)

Zane -Girru- Foster
Joined: 2018-04-13 6:22 PM

OH yeAH!