Scene: RD-13 - Into the Belly of the Beast Part 2 (CLOSED)
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This scene is: Open
The Second Half of Storming RD-13's Base
Run By TrishD Scheduled For Friday, 2021-06-11 3:30 PM
Tags Sign-up limit 4

You can only sign up for this scene if you were at the end of the first scene.

Combat Sheet (prefilled, adjust if necessary)

Participating Characters

Colton Rockwell
Joined: 2021-05-30 1:28 PM
Pamela Salam
Joined: 2021-06-10 10:51 AM
Sefan Zima
Joined: 2021-05-31 5:27 PM

Lets see what other traps I can find with my hind.

William Martin
Joined: 2021-06-05 7:06 PM