Scene: Midnight Mass
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Run By AndreaM Scheduled For Thursday, 2018-07-12 7:00 PM
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All Kindred Welcome

*No ghouls invited

Participating Characters

Esme Wallson
Joined: 2018-07-04 8:02 AM
Mitchell -Trapdoor- Praise
Joined: 2018-07-08 6:24 PM

I'll be saying a few words.

Paul Vandergriff
Joined: 2018-07-12 5:03 PM


Quentin Rockaford
Joined: 2018-07-03 10:14 PM
W. Mustang
Joined: 2018-07-04 2:38 AM
Walter Ashcrofte
Joined: 2018-07-12 6:56 PM

As a Priest and member of the Faithful Walter will attend