Scene: Meeting the new pack
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Lola has been around here and there but she's never formally introduced herself or her packmates
Run By TrishD Scheduled For Saturday, 2021-07-24 3:00 PM
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For those who have met Lola or those who want to meet the new pack in town. This will just be a short little social scene while I start working on the next leg of the werewolf plot. Come and go as you like, don't have to be here at the start. We'll hang in the Waystation's Member's Club.

Participating Characters

Colton Rockwell
Joined: 2021-07-04 11:41 AM
Knox Fairchild Moore
Joined: 2021-07-04 3:29 PM

Of course I have to stick my nose in it.

Nayla Chase
Joined: 2021-07-04 3:17 PM

Will try to be there

William Martin
Joined: 2021-07-04 11:21 AM