Scene: It Lives in the Woods
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This scene is: Open
Werewolf PRP: A mystery involving the corruption of a once-peaceful forest spirit and what corrupted it and how to save or stop it.
Run By Trish Scheduled For Sunday, 2018-11-11 5:30 PM
Tags Risky, Werewolf, Deadly Sign-up limit 8

Olivia and Emily were seventeen year old twin girls, identical from the tips of their pale blonde hair down to their weird toes - the pinky toes of which were just a little shorter than the average toe. They were precocious children with wild imaginations and it wouldn't be until only Olivia was found in the woods covered in blood that anyone wondered what the kids were thinking. Olivia and Emily's parents said that girls knew the boys next door, Frank and Jack - a pair of identical twin boys just three months and nine days older than the girls - had been out in the woods together. When none of the teenagers came home that night, their parents got worried. Two days later when they still hadn't come home, police were called. Search parties were sent out. Their friends from school didn't know where they were. It was three days later that Olivia was found. Emily's body has not been found in the two months since Olivia was found. Olivia has not spoken a single word since. The male twins, one blind and the other crippled, have no insights to add. The friends have been likewise silent, until two nights ago when Jack went missing. That morning Olivia's parents found her naked in the corner of her room. Written on the walls in her blood was 'Everyone Plays Together' over and over again.

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