Scene: Investigating The Hammer
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An interpid group of Beasts investigates the Hammer
Run By JordanG Scheduled For Wednesday, 2021-03-03 5:30 PM
Tags Possibly Deadly, Beast, Herald, Investigation Sign-up limit 0

The scene to investigate Hammer Securities facility in the swamp.


Attempt 2.

Participating Characters

Alexis Stone
Joined: 2021-02-14 7:15 AM

Lexi will be there.

Cynthia Rush
Joined: 2021-02-14 7:57 PM

Cynthia would be interested, though not necessarily informed about it beforehand. Prior IC interaction or information will be necessary.

David Harlow
Joined: 2021-02-14 6:44 AM
Eris Negate
Joined: 2021-02-14 2:54 PM
Gaelle Sanon
Joined: 2021-02-14 3:38 PM

Not even a question Gaelle's in on this :-)


Ivan Bennett
Joined: 2021-02-15 9:10 AM

Ivan was at the school for the QR Chaos scene and would like to look into Hammer as well, if allowed.

Pamela Salam
Joined: 2021-02-14 9:32 AM
Tokage Mori
Joined: 2021-02-14 6:39 AM