Scene: Faith Part 2
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Meeting a new ally and the tip of the iceberg is revealed
Run By JordanG Scheduled For Tuesday, 2021-04-20 5:30 PM
Tags Crossover, Risky, Investigation, Occult Sign-up limit 6

Following up on a lead the group meet up with Roberta who reveals just how deep and dark this new cult goes.

Participating Characters

David Harlow
Joined: 2021-04-06 6:53 AM
Gaelle Sanon
Joined: 2021-04-06 6:17 PM
Hannah Jackson
Joined: 2021-04-12 2:37 PM

i'll let Jordan know if I can't make it.

Kyle Nero
Joined: 2021-04-17 7:20 PM

They changed my days off this week, so I'm likely not available until ~9:30 EDT. I can try to sneak in late, but if everyone else is available it's perfectly fine to have the scene without me.

Mark Trewhella
Joined: 2021-04-07 11:03 AM

Once more unto the breach, dear friends!