Scene: Escape from Key West - RD-13 Personal Plot
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Riley makes a plan to escape while his friends make plans to bust him out!
Run By TrishD Scheduled For Saturday, 2021-04-17 4:00 PM
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Mental ***, Social *, Physical **

Riley needs to get free of his new job. Hopefully with some help from his friends, he'll get free!

Participating Characters

Colton Rockwell
Joined: 2021-04-14 10:20 AM
Luan Loveren
Joined: 2021-04-05 3:13 PM

A prison break? Sounds dangerous, might need a doc on standby

Riley Washington
Joined: 2021-04-02 2:33 PM

Take this job and shove it!

Sefan Zima
Joined: 2021-04-05 1:55 PM

Requested to give a hand

William Martin
Joined: 2021-04-02 3:13 PM