Scene: December Court
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Run By LizH Scheduled For Friday, 2017-12-08 6:00 PM
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Prince will declare a Seneschall

Announcement of any Position Changes within the city

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Participating Characters

Daniel Renatus
Joined: 2017-11-25 5:30 PM


Diana Martin
Joined: 2017-11-27 6:54 AM

Anyone who is anyone will be there!

Esme Wallson
Joined: 2017-11-28 6:26 AM

Is my D&D So I might not be able to make it but Esme would be there with bells on!

Korey Danvers_1
Joined: 2017-11-27 12:05 AM

Sneaky sneaky snake.

Lorelei Bowen
Joined: 2017-12-04 1:04 PM
Nikita Mikhaev_1
Joined: 2017-11-27 3:40 PM
Remy -Ghede- Darbonne
Joined: 2017-12-08 6:05 PM

Emissary goodness.

Ryuko Saito
Joined: 2017-11-27 12:05 AM

I'll be ready!

Samuel Walker_1
Joined: 2017-11-24 3:34 PM

I don't have anything to wear! *rips apart his closet*

Yokai Ishida
Joined: 2017-11-29 3:35 AM

Will try to be there.