Scene: Deadman's Pass - Part 2
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The East Wind is still howling.
Run By BeccaH Scheduled For Saturday, 2019-02-09 10:00 AM
Tags Combat heavy scene. For Wolves, Wolfblood. Threat is Lethal. Sign-up limit 0

Participating Characters

Alvaro Santo Domingo
Joined: 2019-01-09 7:46 PM
Bridget -Nox- Murphy
Joined: 2019-02-08 6:06 AM

Gonna try to be here for this.  Bridget always loves a little action.  :D

Mackenzie Westbay
Joined: 2019-02-03 8:30 AM
Mick -Chain Breaker- Westbay
Joined: 2019-01-09 1:27 PM

LLLLLLLLLLETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!  In this corner, in the black fur and amber eyes, weighing in at 450 lbs, we have the Chainbreaker himself, Mick Westbay.

Ulysses Aldridge
Joined: 2019-01-21 4:19 PM