Scene: Aegis pack hunt[closed]
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A patrol of the territory to trial for the new guys
Run By TassyC Scheduled For Saturday, 2018-09-15 4:00 PM
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Aegis patroling thier territory  ( this  secene is only open to members of Aegis pack, or those they invite) 

Participating Characters

Alvaro Santo Domingo
Joined: 2018-09-03 9:20 AM
Charles Kirk
Joined: 2018-09-12 4:12 PM

Tagging along.

Kenley -Unauthorized- Kelly
Joined: 2018-09-15 10:10 AM
Trisha Kisagura_1
Joined: 2018-09-12 4:15 PM

A bit morose, but she'll be there. :-)