Scene: A Quest for a Cure - closed
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A small group venture into the hedge to find a cure
Run By JordanG Scheduled For Sunday, 2020-11-22 6:00 PM
Tags Long and Slender, High Risk, Hedge Sign-up limit 0

A Quest, into the Hedge to find a fruit that can cure a curse most deadly. Who is willing to risk such an adventure.


This is a continuation of the Long and Slender Plotline.

Participating Characters

Ascian Beng
Joined: 2020-11-08 1:40 PM

Ascian has promsed to go, means it

David Harlow
Joined: 2020-11-08 1:18 PM
Maricela DeSola
Joined: 2020-11-22 5:39 PM
Morgan Fischer
Joined: 2020-11-08 1:09 PM