Scene: A Night of Relaxation and Community
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A night of relaxation before the Soul Engine plot
Run By Ebram Scheduled For Tuesday, 2018-02-13 1:30 PM
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The Speakeasy is a well maintained Prohibition era basement bar and lounge.  It is in the unaligned districts, underneath Remy's Antique store.  It is entered by going through the store to a door that leads down intot he basement.  It is supernatural only, and the event is scheduled specifically for the Wise of Portland.

Drinks are free, and the place is very much in the style of an old 1930's styled bar, lounge seating, a long bar, and a small stage.  There are tunnels that lead out from the place, but Remy has most of them hidden with secret doors that very few know the triggers for.

Participating Characters

Aria -Aether- Rockefeller
Joined: 2018-02-13 1:26 PM
Artyom -Spectre- Vosheli
Joined: 2018-02-13 1:30 PM

Was brought by Medley. Also brought pizza.

Carol -Medley- Grant
Joined: 2018-02-13 1:24 PM

I brought pizza and played an insturment

Lucrezia -Jinx- Scutari_1
Joined: 2018-02-13 4:12 PM
Remy -Ghede- Darbonne
Joined: 2018-02-13 1:01 PM
Tegan -Blades- Foster
Joined: 2018-02-13 7:29 PM