Scene: A New Nightmare (OPEN)
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There's something big going on in Miami's Nightmares, strong enough to jump right off the screen
Run By TrishD Scheduled For Friday, 2021-05-21 4:00 PM
Tags Nightmares, Beast, Herald, Mortal/+ Sign-up limit 0

Mental ***, Social **, Physical *

A couple of social media influencers are having a watch party for the return of Theodora Rowan's Horror Anthology Series, but something isn't going right...with them, or with others watching the series.

Participating Characters

Cynthia Rush
Joined: 2021-04-27 1:21 PM

Gasp! Shock! Mystery! Cynthia is interested.

Jeremiah Hamilton
Joined: 2021-04-22 9:37 AM

Tentative depending on work schedule

Joseph Cambersten
Joined: 2021-04-24 6:28 PM

If I'm about!

Mark Trewhella
Joined: 2021-05-08 4:35 PM

As a profeesional YouTuber, Mark has an interest in this sort of thing...


Pamela Salam
Joined: 2021-04-22 1:38 PM