Scenes tagged with combat
Scene Summary Scheduled For
Fight Club Meeting Just another fight club meeting, no stress just punches! Saturday, 2018-05-05 2:00 PM
The Turtle and the Monkey A Huntsman searches for a treasured Changeling, a monkey seeks a friend. Saturday, 2018-05-19 4:00 PM
A Freehold Awakening - Part 2 Continuation Tuesday, 2018-05-22 7:00 PM
The Call of the Dark Blade Something dark calls to Jennifer Silver but it calls to something else too. Friday, 2018-05-25 10:00 PM
The Turtle and His Teeth The Huntsman is named and he has come for a certain treasured one. Monday, 2018-05-28 4:00 PM
An Assassination Assassins Saturday, 2018-06-02 11:00 PM
The Breaking of the Court of Gristle - Part 1 Gristle has something the Silver Huntress wants: Evidence of their corruption. Sunday, 2018-06-03 2:00 PM
The Turtle and His Shield The Huntsman returns after much deception Saturday, 2018-06-09 2:00 PM
Draw the Attention of the Black Bird - Limited Spots A distraction for Gristle Saturday, 2018-06-16 7:00 PM
Draw the Attention of the Black Bird - Continuation Continuation Sunday, 2018-06-17 7:00 PM
The Turtle and His Shield The Huntsman returns after much deception and has a big fight Friday, 2018-06-22 4:00 PM
The Turtle and His Shield Pt. 2 Continuation of the Huntsman Combat Scene Friday, 2018-06-29 4:00 PM
The Turtle and His Shield The Huntsman returns after much deception Monday, 2018-07-09 2:00 PM
The Turtle and His Oath The Huntsman reaches a place and is offered a deal. Wednesday, 2018-07-25 4:00 PM
Cold Iron Heist A shipment of cold iron is headed to Blackbeak. Harvey and his Cotery mean to snag it. Wednesday, 2018-08-01 8:00 PM
A Wyrd Quest Conall goes on a journey through the hedge Thursday, 2018-08-09 6:00 PM
Nevermore Is this the end for Elder Blackbeak? Saturday, 2018-09-01 12:00 PM
Last Hunt of the Summer Want to go on a legendary hunt with the Silver Huntress? Friday, 2018-09-21 5:30 PM
R.O.U.S Something strange is happening! Wednesday, 2018-10-24 6:00 PM
The Attack on Homestead Attack on Homestead Saturday, 2018-10-27 2:30 PM
PRP: Jurassic Bark - Open Signups Fun little combat scene Wednesday, 2018-11-28 5:00 PM
Letting Loose the Rampant Beast A Rampant Beast is loose in the Duck Lake area, someone needs to put it down. Friday, 2020-02-07 5:30 PM
If I Could Turn Back Time A fun-filled bra burning party in celebration of women's lib in the 70s, so nostalgic! What could go wrong? Turns out - a lot. Saturday, 2020-05-16 10:00 AM
Trap is sprung Ascian has a plan Sunday, 2020-05-31 9:00 PM
Swampsters: Real Swamp Monsters Special Airing A YouTube channel dedicated to hunting down 'true' swamp and water myths is doing a special taping near the Miami everglades at night. This is all fine. Sunday, 2020-06-14 10:00 AM