Vultures Circling
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Landlord and tenant, baron and serf, priest and parishioner--nearly every mode of mortal society that the Kindred mock and ape has the same result. Mighty Kindred rule over lesser monsters by defining the territory where the weaker and younger can feed. This neo-feudalism keeps order and keeps peace, at least as much as anything does. To enforce this system, the Kindred punish deviations: doing violence to poachers, evicting those who cannot pay their red rent, and banishing those who break their laws. 

Across the city reports of poachers are on the rise, strange Kindred venturing into territory where they do not belong. When a monster comes to squat on your turf and takes the food from your mouth, what will you do about it? Are you strong enough to hold your ground or will you be forced to yield what is yours to a more vicious predator?


Players Invited: Up to 10 Vampire characters may participate as the primary players in this story. These characters will find their territory infringed upon by outsiders and they will have the main source of information about plot developments. Their coteries or other allies can assist them in resolving these issues.

Risk Level: Risky. There are no guaranteed or necessary fights over the course of this storyline, but player might decide that violence is the best solution. Likewise, the NPC vampires who are the object of this plot may decide to start a fight. 

Inconvenience: You must committ to making your feeding rolls and properly tracking blood expenditure according to our house rules. As hostile Kindred abuse your territory, you might find feeding rolls penalized. You might find the regents of your territory angry at you for letting these things happen. You might find your haven attacked, if worse comes to worse. Other inconveniences could arise as the plot progresses. On the flip side, if you handle these problems well, the leaders of your Covenants and the city at large will certainly respect your abilities.

How to Opt In: I am asking for players to opt in to this storyline beause not everyone wants to go through the process of tracking their vitae or dealing with the hassle of persistent antagonists. But if you are looking for good vampiric competition, please opt in with the following instructions:

1. Send a Request to the Vampire group. Title it something like "Vultures Circling" or put JohnK in the title for easy identification.
2. In the body of the request, tell me: a) where your character keeps their usual haven; b) where they usually feed; c) who their herd is, if they have one; d) whether they have established formal rights to feed where they do IC; e) if they have the Herd, Feeding Ground, Safe Place, or Haven merits, and how much of each; f) if they have a shared haven, who they're sharing it with. 
3. Tell me what your usual feeding roll is--the Attribute and Skill as well as any bonuses or penalties you apply to it.
4. Let me know that you plan on using a blue book or using your character notes to keep track of your vitae.


If you're not sure about how to do any of that or don't fully understand the feeding rolls, let me know and I'll be glad to help. You can reach me any time on Discord, via forum PM, or whenever I'm on the chat.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to running some stories for you!


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