Tools of the Trade
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Lately there's been an influx of occult aligned crafters of a mortal persuasion within the city of Portland.  Three notable figures have popped up and anyone who follows occult message boards of worth would know of these artificers. 

Lynn T. Cotton, Greg Falkner, and Richard Polk are the most well known among them though there are others.

Any characters that are interested in acquiring occult related items, baneful blades, and such have a way of doing so though it will be much more dangerous for supernaturals.  These are hunters and they won't be afraid to test you.


In Progress

Participating Characters

Daniel Renatus

Has met with Lynn T. Cotton and has passed her initial tests.

Erinn -Fawkes- Rayborn

Has spoken with Greg Falkner and lied her ass off.  She's passed his tests as well for now.

Madeline Caruso

Madeline and her ghost sister are looking to get involved!

Participating Scenes

Meeting a Hunter

A meet up with a hostile NPC